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Feature: Subscription repositories

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Initial scope:

  • Listing of repositories
  • Enabling and disabling repositories
  • IE: The Sarah and John personas


  • Anything that involves software installation for a full workflow in Cockpit only.


User Stories

Sarah Manning is a part-time backend developer, part-time sysadmin at her company. She wants to install RHEL Openstack Platform on a RHEL system.

Philip J Fry see software installation page

John is a sysadmin who enjoys trying out new technologies. He tried out Docker on his server, but came to the conclusion that it's not ready for his production cases yet.


Sarah is doing this installation for the first time ever, so she follows along with the documentation with great care. Following the documentation she subscribes the system to the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform", then she enables 3 repositories and disable all other repositories. She then does a system update, reboots the system and moves on with the installation and configuration of the needed packages via the software installation tool.

Phillip software installation page

John uninstalls the docker packages. Later, when looking at the list of repositories, he notices that he actually doesn't use anything from Extras. He wants as few surprises as possible, so he wants to avoid the case that something gets accidentally pulled in from that repository. He therefore disables the Extras repository for now.



Prior art


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