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  • Why do we scroll the navigation stuff goes off screen and you have to scroll back to the top to get to it.
  • We'll have lesser use tools, including Terminal, or add-ons whose buttons that shouldn't always occupy real estate
  • Switching between things is rather tedious.
    • Although browser tabs are a good approach for seeing multiple things, it should also be relatively painless to switch between two things within Cockpit.
  • Not always clear what machine you are dealing with. This should be very clear.
  • What is the relation between the navigation of the local server and the other servers in the network?
  • Deep navigation trees under Storage for example.
  • Not everything is a clear hierarchy, so the pathbar hurts in those situations
  • Either the multi-machine dashboard should be usable for one machine, or shouldn't be shown for one machine.

Mockups at


  • Easy to navigate between sections.
  • Good notion of multi-machine
  • App Centric -- Application is King
    • These are server applications, not utilities. ie: roles/services
    • Need to see how we'll handle multiple instances of apps/roles
  • Nicely disable multi-machine parts when running under Foreman
  • Work well under Atomic
  • Space for tools/utilities
    • These are not apps
    • The terminal is such a tool


  • the typical patternfly nav has scalability issues.

Braindump: Application/function/role examples: File server, domain server, database server, web server. The app/role is the only thing that matters, the core functions are there to serve that. Cores functions of a server serving: Network, Storage, Memory/CPU, Services? OS Services vs. Apps. Tools: terminal, users?? Status: Notifications, Alerts, Journal, graphs

Multi-machine Overview needs to be able to give you a good overview of 10 servers, how are their apps, what is going wrong with who right now?

Server Dash

Guiding principle "What is going wrong?" Use cases:

  • Disk usage
  • Service inaccessible
    • Crashed
    • Firewall
    • Disk outage
    • Network/routing issue
    • SELinux problems
  • Too slow
    • Networking overloaded
    • Swap
  • Security issues
    • SCAP alerts
    • Software vulnerabilities

Server dash contents

  • List of apps
  • List of machines
  • Current "problems" (see above)
  • Resources

Server Dash

  • Basic system information
  • Maybe avatar?
  • Resource graphs corellated by time

What are Tools/Utilities?

  • Terminal
  • Admin Accounts
  • Detailed Systemd Manager
  • Docker Manager
  • ? Shutdown
  • SCAP Configuration
  • Subscriptions
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