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This page outlines the changes made with each Convergence Release.


1.0.0-rc.4 (Jan 3, 2020)

1.0.0-rc.4 Release Milestone


  • Automatic reconnection (#5): The Convergence client will now automatically reconnect when disconnected and the user operations will not be disrupted.
  • Experimental offline support (#6): Initial API to support offline editing of real time models.
  • Protocol options configuration (#28): The web socket protocol can now be configured in the options.
  • Setting model permissions when creating models via REST (#25): Model permissions can now be set when creating a model through the REST API.
  • User API key support (#8): Users can now create API keys that allow them to programatically access the REST API.
  • Domain User Last Login Time (#11): The last login time of the domain users is now shown in the admin console.

Bug Fixes


  • Model Query doesn't honor user model permissions (#32): If world permissions were not set, but a user had permissions to a model, the model was not being returned in a query.
  • Model REST PUT wipes out data (#27): Performing a PUT on a model would create empty data in the model.
  • Clients not removed from model when permissions change (#25): When a users permissions were revoked from a model, the changes would not take effect until they closed and reopened it.
  • Model permissions are not properly resolved (#24): The override flag was not properly handled.
  • JWT Auth sets last name as display name (#23): When connecting with JWT, the last name was being put into the display name field.
  • Editing a convergence user mixes up fields (#13): When editing a Convergence user the server was putting the data in the wrong fields.
  • Invalid pong timeout message on the server (#14): The server was erroneously giving an error when a client timeout occurred.

Admin Console

  • Model table context menu fixes (#30): Clicking on the model context menu in the Models screen was unreliable.
  • Collection breadcrumbs are incorrect (#22): The bread crumbs on the collection page were incorrect.
  • Collection pagination does not work (#21): Collection pagination would show up, but did not work.
  • User profile screen incorrect breadcrumbs (#20): The bread crumbs on the user profile page were incorrect.
  • Setting domain user password does not work (#15): Attempting to set a domain user's password threw an error.
  • Cannot create a convergence user without a first name (#12): The admin console would not allow the creation of a Convergence user without a first name.
  • Clicking browse on models pages does not refresh models (#3): Clicking browse a second time would not refresh the results.
  • Error when collection filter doesn't match any collections (#2): An error from the collection autocomplete was thrown when no collections matched.


  • RealTimeModel never emits a deleted event. (#19): The RealTimeModel class was not emitting the "deleted" event.
  • Presence state messages are not sent (#18): Presence state setting messages were not sent to the server.
  • Model permissions changed event not emitted (#17): When model permissions were changed an event was not emitted.
  • Model version not updated before commit status change event (#16): The model version was incorrect when a commit state changed event was emitted.
  • ModelDeletedEvent fired by ModelService (#9): The model "deleted" event was being fired by the ModelService instead of the RealTimeModel.
  • Deleting and open model throws errors (#7): If a model was open when it was deleted, several errors were thrown.
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