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Answers to questions about Ethereum


What is Ethereum?

There are several ways to answer this question, which are introduced on the dedicated What is Ethereum wiki page.

If you prefer to learn by watching videos, see:

Where can I learn more about Ethereum?

Where can I find the main project repositories?

Where can I learn about the Ether sale and mining?


Where can I find official releases?

How to install development builds?

How to install the clients from source?


How can I mine Ether?

With AlethZero

  • To process transactions
    • Disable "Debug" > "Force Mining"
    • Click "Mine"
  • To force mine (Use sparingly, unless stress testing)
    • Enable "Debug" > "Force Mining"
    • Click "Mine"

With the eth client

# Only force mine to acquire ether or stress test
$ eth --force-mining --mining on [YOUR OPTIONS...]

How to get free testnet Ether?


Where can I learn about contract development?

Where can I learn Serpent, the Python-like language?

Where can I learn LLL, the Lisp-like language?

Where can I learn Solidity, the JavaScript-like language?

How to test contracts?

How to deploy contracts automatically?

Where to find example contracts?


Where can I learn about the Ethereum APIs?

Where can I learn about ÐApp development?

Where can I find ÐApp development tools?



Where can I find example ÐApps?


How can I join the Ethereum IRC channels?

Where can I find the Ethereum IRC logs?

Where can I learn about the ZeroGox bot?

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