Security Issue Process

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Draft of steps that should be taken when finding a security issue in Ethereum. Security issue is defined as a problem in scope of Security-Categorization.

Partly inspired by OWASP Risk Rating


  • Add a entry describing the issue at (TODO: github link).
  • Estimate likelihood, impact and complexity of fix.
  • Affected software version(s).

Estimate Likelihood

  • How likely is it to be uncovered and exploited by an attacker?
  • Ease of discovery?
  • Ease of exploit?
  • Likelihood of detection?

Estimate Impact

  • Blockchain consensus. Potential of blockchain fork?
  • Financial damage. Loss of ether?
  • Privacy. E.g. revealing who sent a tx or who owns an address.
  • Availability. Can it impact availablity of node(s)?

Technical description

  • Protocol version.
  • Client version(s). Single or multiple implementations?
  • OS / external library version(s).
  • Link to relevant source code.
  • How to fix.
  • How to test.

Ownership / Responsibility

  • Who is assigned to fix the issue?
  • Who will test / review a fix?
  • Who takes responsibility for preparing new builds of client software?


  • Who takes on to disclose the issue?
  • Communication channels (mail lists, twitter, github).