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Aug 12, 2020

Rust web framework comparison

A comparison of some web frameworks written in Rust.

Table of Contents

Server frameworks

There are several interesting frameworks to build web applications with Rust:

If you need a more low level control you can choose between these libraries:

Outdated server frameworks

Client frameworks

To build web clients with Rust, you can choose between these libraries:

Outdated client frameworks

Frontend frameworks (WASM)

Since WASM support is available in most browsers we can use Rust to build web applications :)

Outdated frontend frameworks

Supplemental libraries




High-Level Server Frameworks

Name rocket warp iron actix-web nickel gotham rouille Thruster tide
License Rocket license warp license Iron license Actix-web license Nickel license Gotham license Rouille license Thruster license Tide license
Version Rocket version warp version Iron version Actix-web version Nickel version Gotham version Rouille version Thruster version Tide version
Github Stars Rocket stars warp stars Iron stars Actix-web stars Nickel stars Gotham stars Rouille stars Thruster stars Tide stars
Contributors Rocket contributors warp contributors Iron contributors Actix-web contributors Nickel contributors Gotham contributors Rouille contributors Thruster contributors Tide contributors
Activity Rocket activity warp activity Iron activity Actix-web activity Nickel activity Gotham activity Rouille activity Thruster activity Tide activity
Base framework hyper hyper hyper tokio hyper hyper tiny-http tokio (or hyper) hyper
HTTPS support yes yes no yes ? yes
HTTP/2 support ? yes ? no ? yes
Async no yes yes yes yes yes
Stable Rust no yes yes yes yes

Low-Level Frameworks

Name hyper h2 tiny-http
License Hyper license H2 license Tiny-http license
Version Hyper version H2 version Tiny-http version
Github Stars Hyper stars H2 stars Tiny-http stars
Contributors Hyper contributors H2 contributors Tiny-http contributors
Activity Hyper activity H2 activity Tiny-http activity
Server yes yes yes
Client yes yes ?
HTTPS support yes no yes
HTTP/2 support solicit yes ?
Async yes yes

Frontend Frameworks

Name yew stdweb percy dodrio seed draco squark willow smithy dominator mogwai
License Yew license Stdweb license Percy license Dodrio license Seed license Draco license Squark license Willow license Smithy license Dominator license Mogwai license
Version Yew version Stdweb version Percy version Dodrio version Seed version Draco version Squark version no Smithy version Dominator version Mogwai version
Github Stars Yew stars Stdweb stars Percy stars Dodrio stars Seed stars Draco stars Squark stars Willow stars Smithy stars Dominator stars Mogwai stars
Contributors Yew contributors Stdweb contributors Percy contributors Dodrio contributors Seed contributors Draco contributors Squark contributors Willow contributors Smithy contributors Dominator contributors Mogwai contributors
Activity Yew activity Stdweb activity Percy activity Dodrio activity Seed activity Draco activity Squark activity Willow activity Smithy activity Dominator activity Mogwai activity
Stable Rust yes yes no ? yes yes no no no no no
Base framework wasm-bindgen (or stdweb) - wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen
Virtual DOM yes ? yes yes yes yes yes ? yes no no

Middleware & Plugins

Name iron gotham nickel rouille actix-web Thruster
Static File Serving yes no^ yes n/a yes yes
Mounting yes yes yes n/a yes no
Logging yes yes no n/a yes yes
JSON-Body-Parsing yes yes yes n/a yes yes (via Serde)
Sessions yes yes ? n/a yes yes
Cookies yes yes ? n/a yes yes
PostgreSQL middleware ? no^ yes n/a yes
SQLite middleware ? no^ yes n/a yes
Redis middleware ? no^ yes n/a yes
MySQL middleware ? no^ yes n/a yes

(^ Planned in current roadmap)

Websocket Libraries

Name websocket ws-rs twist tungstenite actix-web
License Websocket license Ws-rs license Twist license Tungstenite license Actix-web license
Version Websocket version Ws-rs version Twist version Tungstenite version Actix-web version
Github Stars Websocket stars Ws-rs stars Twist stars Tungstenite stars Actix-web stars
Contributors Websocket contributors Ws-rs contributors Twist contributors Tungstenite contributors Actix-web contributors
Activity Websocket activity Ws-rs activity Twist activity Tungstenite activity Actix-web activity
Server yes yes yes yes yes
Client yes yes yes yes yes
Base framework - / tokio mio tokio - / tokio tokio
Async no / yes yes yes no / yes yes


Blog posts


Until 2017


Real-world web projects using Rust

JS & asm.js & WASM




A comparison of some web frameworks and libs written in Rust




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