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TODO: This document was manually maintained so might be incomplete. The automation effort is tracked in

Changes in and are mentioned here because depends on them.


Breaking Changes:

  • client-go now supports additional non-alpha-numeric characters in UserInfo "extra" data keys. It should be updated in order to properly support extra data containing "/" characters or other characters disallowed in HTTP headers. Old clients sending keys which were %-escaped by the user will have their values unescaped by new API servers. (#65799)

  • apimachinery/pkg/watch.Until has been moved to client-go/tools/watch.UntilWithoutRetry. While switching please consider using the new client-go/tools/watch.UntilWithSync or client-go/tools/watch.Until. (#66906)

  • [] Unstructured metadata accessors now respect omitempty semantics i.e. a field having zero value will now be removed from the unstructured metadata map. (#67635)

  • [] The ObjectConvertor interface is now changed such that ConvertFieldLabel func takes GroupVersionKind as an argument instead of just version and kind. (#65780)

  • [] componentconfig ClientConnectionConfiguration is moved to (#66058)

  • [] Renamed KubeConfigFile to Kubeconfig in ClientConnectionConfiguration. (#67149)

  • [] JSON patch no longer supports int. (#63522)

New Features:

  • Add ability to cancel leader election. This also proves useful in integration tests where the whole app is started and stopped in each test. (#57932)

  • An example showing how to use fake clients in tests is added. (#65291)

  • [] Create and Update now support CreateOptions and UpdateOptions. (#65105)

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Decrease the amount of time it takes to modify kubeconfig files with large amounts of contexts. (#67093)

  • The leader election client now renews timeout. (#65094)

  • Switched certificate data replacement from REDACTED to DATA+OMITTED. (#66023)

  • Fix listing in the fake dynamic client. (#66078)

  • Fix discovery so that plural names are no longer ignored if a singular name is not specified. (#66249)

  • Fix kubelet startup failure when using ExecPlugin in kubeconfig. (#66395)

  • Fix panic in the fake SubjectAccessReview client when object is nil. (#66837)

  • Periodically reload InClusterConfig token. (#67359)

  • [] Report parsing error in json serializer. (#63668)

  • [] The metav1.ObjectMeta accessor does not deepcopy owner references anymore. In general, the accessor interface does not enforce deepcopy nor does it forbid it (e.g. for unstructured.Unstructured). (#64915)

  • [] Utility functions SetTransportDefaults and DialerFor once again respect custom Dial functions set on transports. (#65547)

  • [] Speed-up conversion function invocation by avoiding reflect.Call. Action required: regenerated conversion with conversion-gen. (#65771)

  • [] Establish "406 Not Acceptable" response for unmarshable protobuf serialization error. (#67041)

  • [] Immediately close the other side of the connection by exiting once one side closes when proxying. (#67288)

API changes

Breaking Changes:

  • Volume dynamic provisioning scheduling has been promoted to beta. ACTION REQUIRED: The DynamicProvisioningScheduling alpha feature gate has been removed. The VolumeScheduling beta feature gate is still required for this feature. (#67432)

  • The CSI file system type is no longer defaulted to ext4. All the production drivers listed under were inspected and should not be impacted after this change. If you are using a driver not in that list, please test the drivers on an updated test cluster first. (#65499)

New Features:

  • Support annotations for remote admission webhooks. (#58679)

  • Support both directory and block device for local volume plugin FileSystem VolumeMode. (#63011)

  • Introduce autoscaling/v2beta2 and custom_metrics/v1beta2, which implement metric selectors for Object and Pods metrics, as well as allowing AverageValue targets on Objects, similar to External metrics. (#64097)

  • Add Lease API in the API group. (#64246)

  • ProcMount added to SecurityContext and AllowedProcMounts added to PodSecurityPolicy to allow paths in the container's /proc to not be masked. (#64283)

  • Add the AuditAnnotations field to ImageReviewStatus to allow the ImageReview backend to return annotations to be added to the created pod. (#64597)

  • SCTP is now supported as additional protocol (alpha) alongside TCP and UDP in Pod, Service, Endpoint, and NetworkPolicy. (#64973)

  • The PodShareProcessNamespace feature to configure PID namespace sharing within a pod has been promoted to beta. (#66507)

  • Add TTLSecondsAfterFinished to JobSpec for cleaning up Jobs after they finish. (#66840)

  • Add DataSource and TypedLocalObjectReference fields to support restoring a volume from a volume snapshot data source. (#67087)

  • RuntimeClass is a new API resource for defining different classes of runtimes that may be used to run containers in the cluster. Pods can select a RunitmeClass to use via the RuntimeClassName field. This feature is in alpha, and the RuntimeClass feature gate must be enabled in order to use it. (#67737)

  • To address the possibility dry-run requests overwhelming admission webhooks that rely on side effects and a reconciliation mechanism, a new field is being added to and so that webhooks can explicitly register as having dry-run support. If a dry-run request is made on a resource that triggers a non dry-run supporting webhook, the request will be completely rejected, with "400: Bad Request". Additionally, a new field is being added to the API object, exposing to webhooks whether or not the request being reviewed is a dry-run. (#66936)

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • The DisruptedPods field in PodDisruptionBudgetStatus is now optional. (#63757)

  • extensions/v1beta1 Deployment's ProgressDeadlineSeconds now defaults to MaxInt32. (#66581)


Breaking Changes:

New Features:

Bug fixes and Improvements:

API changes

Breaking Changes:

New Features:

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Default mount propagation has changed from HostToContainer (rslave in Linux terminology) to None (private) to match the behavior in 1.9 and earlier releases. HostToContainer as a default caused regressions in some pods.


Breaking Changes:

  • Google Cloud Service Account email addresses can now be used in RBAC Role bindings since the default scopes now include the scope. This is a breaking change if the numeric uniqueIDs of the Google service accounts were being used in RBAC role bindings. The behavior can be overridden by explicitly specifying the scope values as comma-separated string in the users[*].config.scopes field in the KUBECONFIG file.

  • [] The ConfigOK node condition has been renamed to KubeletConfigOk.

New Features:

Bug fixes and Improvements:


Breaking Changes:

New Features:

Bug fixes and Improvements:


Bug fix: picked up a security fix kubernetes/kubernetes#53443 for PodSecurityPolicy.


New features:

API changes:

Breaking changes:

  • Moved pkg/api and pkg/apis to Other kubernetes repositories also import types from there, so they are composable with client-go.

  • Removed helper functions in pkg/api and pkg/apis. They are planned to be exported in other repos. The issue is tracked here. During the transition, you'll have to copy the helper functions to your projects.

  • The discovery client now fetches the protobuf encoded OpenAPI schema and returns openapi_v2.Document

  • Enforced explicit references to API group client interfaces in clientsets to avoid ambiguity.

  • The generic RESTClient type ( no longer exposes LabelSelectorParam or FieldSelectorParam methods - use VersionedParams with metav1.ListOptions instead. The UintParam method has been removed. The timeout parameter will no longer cause an error when using Param().


No significant changes since v4.0.0-beta.0.


New features:

Usability improvements:

  • Added several new examples and reorganized client-go/examples

API changes:

Breaking changes:

Bug fixes:


Bug fixes:


  • Added dependency on The impacts include changing import path of API objects like ListOptions from to
  • Added generated listers (listers/) and informers (informers/)
  • Kubernetes API changes:
    • Added client support for:
      • authentication/v1
      • authorization/v1
      • autoscaling/v2alpha1
      • rbac/v1beta1
      • settings/v1alpha1
      • storage/v1
    • Changed client support for:
      • certificates from v1alpha1 to v1beta1
      • policy from v1alpha1 to v1beta1
    • Deleted client support for:
      • extensions/v1beta1#Job
  • CHANGED: pass typed options to dynamic client (


  • Included bug fixes in release-1.5 branch, up to commit bde8578d9675129b7a2aa08f1b825ec6cc0f3420


  • Removed top-level version folder (e.g., 1.4 and 1.5), switching to maintaining separate versions in separate branches.
  • Clientset supported multiple versions per API group
  • Added ThirdPartyResources example
  • Kubernetes API changes
    • Apps API group graduated to v1beta1
    • Policy API group graduated to v1beta1
    • Added support for batch/v2alpha1/cronjob
    • Renamed PetSet to StatefulSet