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The Mininet documentation contains a wealth of helpful information including how to use Mininet, how to use Mininet's Python API, Frequently Asked Questions, and much more. Most of the questions we receive on the mailing list have already been answered in the documentation and FAQ, so please consult it, and please feel free to improve the FAQ and wiki!

Getting Started With Mininet: The Basics

  1. Download Download and run Mininet - in a Virtual Machine (VM) or natively
  2. VM Setup Notes Configure your Mininet VM after you've downloaded it
  3. Walkthrough Start up and run Mininet
  4. Introduction to Mininet Learn to use Mininet's Python API. Essential reading.
  5. OpenFlow Tutorial Use Mininet to learn about OpenFlow and SDN

Next Steps: Check out Mininet examples

  1. Look at some example Mininet scripts
  2. Try some realistic network experiments with Mininet
  3. If you like, watch some Mininet videos
  4. You may wish to check out additional Mininet Apps and Tools as well as Mininet Community Extensions and Packages

Essential Mininet References

Mininet Release Notes

Submit Bug Reports, Feature Requests, Docs and Code!

Other Mininet Extensions, Tools, and Packages

Other Documents

Books about Mininet and Related Systems

Online Courses (free or otherwise)

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