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Rust is for Robotics

List of (awesome) Rust libraries for Robotics. If you know something awesome (or your project), please let me know from here.


ROS related libraries.

  • rosrust - Pure Rust implementation of a ROS client library.
  • ros2_rust - Rust bindings for ROS2
  • roslibrust - Pure Rust implementation of a rosbridge client.
  • r2r - Minimal ROS2 Rust bindings
  • rclrust - Yet another ROS2 Rust client
  • RustDDS - Rust implementation of Data Distribution Service
  • rosbag - Reading rosbag files in pure Rust
  • rustros_tf - A rust implementation of the Tf library.
  • ros_pointcloud2 - The safe way of using PointCloud2 messages in ROS1 and ROS2.
  • optimization-engine - Fast & Accurate Embedded Optimization for next-generation Robotics and Autonomous Systems


  • bonsai-bt - A Behavior Tree implementation in Rust


  • dora-rs - A fast and simple robotics frameworks for AI.
  • OpenRR - Open Rust Robotics
  • Zenoh - A high performance and extremely low overhead Pub/Sub/Query protocol. Quickly becoming the protocol of choice for Robot-to-Anything communication.


gRPC A high performance, open source universal RPC framework.

  • CleanIt - Open-source Autonomy Software in Rust-lang with gRPC for the Roomba series robot vacuum cleaners.

Math and Geometry

Math related libraries for Robotics.

  • nalgebra - Linear algebra library for Rust.
  • ncollide - 2 and 3-dimensional collision detection library in Rust.
  • kdtree - K-dimensional tree in Rust for fast geospatial indexing.
  • k - k: Kinematics Library for rust-lang.
  • static-math - Safe and fast mathematical operations with static arrays in Rust programming language thinked for robotics
  • ndarray - N-dimensional tensor arithmetic library, inspired by python's NumPy.

Path Planning

Path planning libraries.

  • pathfinding - Pathfinding library for rust
  • rrt - RRT (Rapidly-exploring Random Tree) library in Rust
  • openrr-planner - Collision Avoidance Path Planning in Rust-lang


Physics simulation for robots

  • rapier - 2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.


Graphic and visualization for Robotics.

  • kiss3d - Keep it simple, stupid 3d graphics engine for Rust.
  • urdf-viz - URDF visualizer
  • rerun — A logging SDK and visualizer for computer vision and robotics

File Loading

Import/Export various files related with Robotics

Device Driver

Robotics releated sensor/motor drivers