Curated from repositories that make our lives as geoscientists, hackers and data wranglers easier or just more awesome
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awesome-open-geoscience Awesome

Geoscience is awesome.

Open geoscience is even more awesome, so we made a list. This list is curated from repositories that make our lives as geoscientists, hackers and data wranglers easier or just more awesome. In accordance with the awesome manifesto, we add awesome repositories. We are open to contributions of course, this is a community effort after all.



Awesome software projects sub-categorized by focus.


  • Seismic Un*xC Seismic data processing suite
  • MadagascarC Python Multi-Dimensional data processing suite
  • OpenSeaSeisC++ Seismic workflow generator and seismic viewer
  • ObsPyPython Framework for seismic data I/O and processing
  • BrugesPython Useful geophysical equations and tools
  • SegyioPython / matlab Fast library for SEGY files.

Well Log

  • lasioPython Reading and writing well data using Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files
  • WellyPython Analyzing and processing well log data
  • StriplogPython Display lithological and stratigraphic logs for wells and outcrop.
  • FuzzyLAS – Web app for looking up curve mnemonics

Simulation and Modelling

  • Fatiando a TerraPython Modeling and inversion in geophysics
  • SimPEGPython Simulation and parameter estimation in geophysics
  • DevitoPython Finite-Difference computation from high-level symbolic problem definitions.
  • bh_tomomatlab Borehole Radar and Seismic Tomography Package
  • gprMaxPython CUDA Finite-difference time-domain electromagnetic wave propagation simulator. gprMax can be run on either CPU or GPU.
  • modelr.ioPython Javascript Web app for simple synthetic seismic forward modeling.
  • ModFlow – Flow modelling software distributed by the USGS to simulate and predict groundwater conditions and groundwater/surface-water interactions, also comes with additional variants and add-ons.
  • pyGIMLiPython C++ An open-source multi-method library for solving inverse and forward tasks related to geophysical problems. Written in C++ and Python.
  • GemPyPython Python-based 3-D structural geological modeling software with implicit modelling and support for stochastic modelling.
  • HyVRPython Generate 3-D anisotropic subsurface models based on geological concepts that can be used with groundwater flow simulators (e.g., ModFlow).
  • LandlabPython Simulate surface processes using a large suite of existing interoperable process components, and/or develop your own. Possibilities include landscape evolution, sediment dynamics, surface hydrology, ecohydrology, etc.

Reservoir Engineering

  • libresPython Tool for managing an ensemble of reservoir models
  • libeclPython I/O for Eclipse reservoir simulator files
  • MRSTmatlab Rapid prototyping and demonstration of new simulation methods in reservoir modelling and simulation
  • DuMuxC++ Simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media
  • Fesapi – I/O for RESQML2 files (C++ with Java and C# wrappers)


  • pyKrigingPython N-dimensional kriging
  • SGeMSCUDA Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software
  • HPGLPython High Perfomance Geostatistics Library
  • gstatPython Geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation
  • PyGSLIBPython Mineral resource estimations


  • Generic Mapping Tools – About 80 command-line tools for manipulating geographic and Cartesian data sets
  • Awesome-SpatialAwesome Awesome list for geospatial, not specific to geoscience but significant overlap.
  • geonotebookPython Jupyter notebook extension for geospatial visualization and analysis. Developed by NASA.
  • Stress2Gridmatlab Two concepts to calculate the mean SHmax orientation.
  • QGIS – GIS platform that allows you to visualize, manage, edit, analyse data, and compose printable maps.
  • VerdePython processing spatial data to regular grids.


  • PhreeQCC++ Reactions in water and between water and rocks and sediments. Speciation, Batch-Reaction, One-Dimensional Transport, and Inverse Geochemical Calculations
  • ReaktoroC++ Python Unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
  • GeoPyToolPython Python based application with geochemical plotting capabilities

Structural geology

  • mplStereonetPython Stereonets on python based on Matplotlib
  • apsgPython advanced structural geology analysis and visualisation based on Matplotlib


  • ColorcetPython Perceptual colormaps
  • cmoceanPython MatPlotLib collection of perceptual colormaps for oceanography
  • PVGeoPython ParaView Python package for data and model visualization in ParaView


  • OpendTect – Seismic interpretation package
  • RINGMeshC++ RINGMesh is a C++ open-source platform for manipulating meshes of geological models

Data Repositories

  • Poseidon NW Australia – Interpreted 3D seismic (32bit) incl. reports and well logs
  • Digital Rocks Portal – Powerful data portal for images of varied porous micro-structures
  • World Stress Map – A global compilation of information on the crustal present-day stress field
  • NOPIMS – Open petroleum geoscience data from Western Australia made available by the Australian Government
  • UKOilandGasData – Open petroleum geoscience data from the UK Government (free registration required)
  • Athabasca Oil Sands Well Dataset McMurray/Wabiskaw – Well logs and stratigraphic picks for 2193 wells, including 750 with lithofacies, from Alberta, Canada.
  • ICGEM – Hosts gravity field spherical harmonic models and provides a webservice for generating grids of gravity functionals (geoid, gravity anomaly, vertical derivatives, etc).

Tutorials and Cheat Sheets




How to Contribute

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