fHash - a file hash calculator for Windows and Mac OS X.
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An open source files' hash calculator for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and CRC32.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Integrated with context menu in Explorer/Finder.
  • Support multiple files.
  • Support 10.10 and later Mac OS X.
  • English and Simplified Chinese UI.

The icon "希" is from hash in Chinese "哈希".
Thanks for Trend Micro Mobile Club's support.

Project Site https://github.com/sunjw/fhash

Current version: 2.1.0

INSTALL (Windows)
Image of SourceForge.net

Image of Mac App Store

GPL 2.0 for codes hosted on GitHub.
May use other licenses for binary package on other distribution sites.

Sun Junwen sunjw8888 at gmail.com

Image of UI
Image of about
Image of context menu item
Image of calc one start
Image of calc multi finish