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ThomasWaldmann commented Jan 27, 2021

the borg files cache can be rather large, because it keeps some information about all files that have been processed recently.

lz4 is a very fast compression / decompression algorithm, so we could try to use it to lower the in-memory footprint of the files cache entries.

before implementing this, we should check how big the savings typically are - to determine whether it is worthwhile doing

eleanor-millman commented Jul 9, 2021

Currently, the cluster migration docs don't specify that Velero doesn't support restoring into a cluster with a lower K8s version than where the backup was taken. Please add that note under the "Migrating Workloads Across Different Kubernetes Versions" section at the bottom of the doc:

Vote on this issue!

This is an invitation to the Velero com

jspeedz commented Sep 5, 2019

What went wrong?

I'm getting deprecation warnings with openSSL encryption.

[2019/09/05 08:38:52][info] Using Encryptor::OpenSSL to encrypt the archive.
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] Pipeline STDERR Messages:
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] (Note: may be interleaved if multiple commands returned error messages)
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn]
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] *** WARNING : depre

fab2s commented May 21, 2021


When backups are run with --disable-notifications options, the resulting zip file is never encrypted.

It looks like this is coming from the fact encryption occurs as an event wrapped in the send notification method in BackupJob.php:

    protected function sendNotification($notification): void
        if ($this->sendNotifications) {
smurfix commented Jul 30, 2021

General information

  • App version: 0.9
  • App source: Google Play
  • Android Version: 10
  • Custom ROM: no

Expected result

The "Hidden" text which replaces the token numbers is displayed as two lines if there's not enough room. This is annoying, for obvious reasons, more so if the phone happens to be horizontaly and vertically small. :-P


budachst commented Apr 13, 2021

I am synching my local repo to a Wasabi S3 bucket daily. I am capturing the output from the cron job and have that one sent as an e-mail to myself. The output of the sync-to command is reallly… lengthy and I am actually not interested in that output.

How about adding the --no-progress option to this command, so it only outputs any errors ans not the whole progress?

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