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jgreely commented Mar 20, 2021

The digits in ordered lists extend into the margin and get cut off. The problem is much more severe on the iOS client, especially with wider fonts, so that "monospace" won't even show a single-digit number. On the Mac desktop client, it will at least display correctly until you hit 100 items in the list.


Joplin version: 10.7.2
Platform: iOS (iPhone XS & iPad Mini)
OS specifi

d1vanov commented Jan 25, 2018

Subj. Current note editor tab and currently selected note within the notes list view should be synchronized - when you select another note editor tab, the selection within the notes list view should update accordingly and when you select some note within the list view, it should be opened within the note editor tab unless is's already open as a separate note editor window. That, if I remember co

📝 You’re taking a lot of notes and need a solution to manage them i.e. put your knowledge base in one central place and being able to retrieve quickly information’s, display them nicely through the browser as a HTML page or a slideshow, export them in many file formats (docx, odt, pdf, txt, …). Sensitive information’s can be encrypted and notes can be edited online. Online demo: | Stay informed, follow us on Facebook:

  • Updated Feb 4, 2021
  • PHP

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