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squat0001 commented Dec 20, 2020

Describe the enhancement

freqtrade generates the output of max-drawdown, which is very useful, but lacks an important information.. the real question
of max-drawdown is, does the strategy have a enough money to complete?

i wrote an backtesting tool, and i generate two more columns which i find useful:

df_trades['sum'] = df_trades['profit_abs'].cumsum()
trades_profit_min = df
cmackeen commented Aug 6, 2020

It is unclear how to use something like get_token_balance() with respect to the Uniswap v2 factory contract. I am trying to view the amount of a token in the Uniswap v2 liquidity pool, and it seems all I can check is the ERC20 token balance globally.

Edit: I see now I can use get_ex_token_balance(), but I am receiving the Uniswap v1 pool amounts. When I switch to version 2 the Factory methods

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