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briansmith commented Mar 26, 2019

trust_anchor_util doesn't need any cryptography so it should be in a crate that doesn't depend on ring. When using trust_anchor_util in a program that doesn't use ring, we shouldn't need to build ring. In particular, when trust_anchor_util is used in a build script, we shouldn't need to build ring for the host platform.

the-suspect2 commented Oct 21, 2019

Can't even get the example command to run, getting an error:

PS C:\some\current\dir\with\the script file> . .\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1
PS C:\some\current\dir\with\the script file> New-SelfsignedCertificateEx -Subject "" -EKU "Server
 Authentication", "Client authentication" `
>> -KeyUsage "KeyEncipherment, DigitalSignature" -SAN "","",
tylrtrmbl commented Jul 19, 2018

A short description of the feature you're requesting:

Tapping the "Server Redirected To" cell starts a new query with the specified domain.

How do you imagine this feature looking? Are there any examples of other implementations?

Currently, the cell "Server Redirected To" under "SECURITY HTTP HEADERS" gives a text string of the domain an HTTP server is redirecting to. I'm requesti

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