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Table of Contents

git-extra-commands is a ZSH plugin that packages some extra git helper scripts I've found. This collection (and the scripts that I wrote in it) is licensed with the Apache Version 2 license.

However, some of the scripts in this collection came from other sources and may have different licensing - if they do, their license information is included inline in the script source.

This collection doesn't actually require ZSH, but packaging it as a ZSH plugin makes it more convenient for people using a ZSH framework to use this collection.

If you wrote one of these scripts and want it removed from this collection, please either make a PR and/or file an issue against the repo and I will remove it.

Included Scripts

Script Original Source Description
git-add-username-remote Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Adds a remote for the current repository for the given github username.
git-age Kristoffer Gronlund's wiki A git-blame viewer, written using PyGTK.
git-attic Christian Neukirchen's blog Displays a list of deleted files in your repo. The output is designed to be copy and pasted: Pass the second field to git show to display the file contents, or just select the hash without ^ to see the commit where removal happened.
git-big-file Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Show files in the repo larger than a threshold size.
git-branch-name Joe Block Prints the current branch name in automation-friendly format.
git-branch-rebaser Vengada Rangaraju Kicks off an interactive rebase of all the commits on your branch. Including pushed commits, so be careful.
git-change-author Michael Demmer in jut-io/git-scripts Change one author/email in the history to another.
git-change-log John Wiegley's git-scripts Transform git log output into a complete Changelog for projects that haven't been maintaining one.
git-changes Michael Markert's dotfiles List authors in the repo in descending commit-count order.
git-checkout-pr Based on Check out a PR locally
git-churn Gary Bernhardt's dotfiles Show which files are getting changed most often in the repository.
git-clone-subset Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion) Uses git clone and git filter-branch to remove from the clone all files but the ones requested, along with their associated commit history.
git-comma Christian Neukirchen's blog Adds and commits a file in one command
git-conflicts Seth Messer's bits and bobs repo Show files with conflicts
git-copy-branch-name Zach Holman's dotfiles Copy the current branch's name to the clipboard (macOS Only).
git-credit Zach Holman's dotfiles Quicker way to assign credit to another author on the latest commit.
git-current-branch Joe Block Prints the name of the current branch, mainly useful in automation scripts.
git-cut-branch Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Create a new branch pointed at HEAD and reset the current branch to the head of its tracking branch
git-delete-local-merged From a deleted post by @tekkub Delete all local branches that have been merged into HEAD.
git-delete-merged-branches ? Purges all branches that have been merged to a target branch (defaults to branches merged to master).
git-delete-tag Joe Block Delete a tag, both locally and from the origin remote.
git-diff-last Sebastian Schuberth Show the last change made to a file in the repository.
git-divergence Gary Bernhardt's dotfiles Shows differences between local branch and its tracking branch.
git-edit-conflicts Joe Block Edit the files that are marked as conflicted during a merge/rebase in your $EDITOR/$VISUAL.
git-find-dirty Matthew McCullough's scripts repository
git-flush John Wiegley's git-scripts Compact your reposistory by dropping all reflogs, stashes, and other cruft that may be bloating your pack files.
git-force-mtimes John Wiegley's git-scripts Sets mtimes of all files in the reprository their last change date based on git's log. Useful to avoid too new dates after a checkout confusing make or rake.
git-forest Jan Engelhardt Prints a text-based tree visualisation of your repository. Requires
git-git Joe Block Typing git git foo will make git do a git foo instead of complaining.
git-github-open ? Open GitHub file/blob page for FILE on LINE.
git-gitlab-mr Noel Cower's gist Open a merge request on GitLab
git-history-graph ? Pretty git log, single line per commit, with branch graphign
git-ignored ? Show files being ignored by git in the repo.
git-improved-merge Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Sophisticated git merge with integrated CI check and automatic cleanup.
git-incoming Michael Markert's dotfiles Show commits in the tracking branch that are not in the local branch.
git-lines Neil Killeen Gives you a list of author names with the number of lines last updated by that user in files in the current directory tree with the extension specified.
git-ls-object-refs Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Find references to an object with SHA1 in refs, commits, and trees. All of them.
git-maildiff Sanjeev Kumar's blogpost A simple git command to email diff in color to reviewer/ co-worker.
git-maxpack John Wiegley's git-scripts Compress a repo's pack files as much as possible.
git-move-commits Corey Oordt's git-scripts git move-commits num-commits correct-branch moves the last n commits to correct-branch (creating it if necessary).
git-neck Christian Neukirchen's blog Show commits from the HEAD until the first branching point. Companion script for git-trail.
git-nuke Zach Holman's dotfiles Nukes a branch locally and on the origin remote.
git-object-deflate Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Deflate an loose object file and write to standard output.
git-outgoing Michael Markert's dotfiles Show commits that are on the local branch that have not been pushed to the tracking branch.
git-overwritten Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Aggregates git blame information about original owners of lines changed or removed in the '...' diff.
git-pie-ify JeeBak Kim's gist git pie-ify pattern replacement
git-plotrepo Matthew McCullogh's scripts collection Uses dot to draw a graph of the repository.
git-promote Trevor's Improving My git Workflow blog post (404 now) Promotes a local topic branch to a remote tracking branch of the same name.
git-prune-branches Michael Demmer in jut-io/git-scripts Deletes each fully merged branch after prompting for confirmation, than asks if you want the deleted branches deleted from your upstream remotes.
git-pruneall Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Prune branches from specified remotes, or all remotes when no remote is specified.
git-publish Michael Markert's dotfiles git publish remote [remote-branch]
git-purge-from-history David Underhill’s blog Permanently delete files or folders from your git repository.
git-pylint Joe Block Runs pylint on any .py files modified or added in the git status output.
git-rank-contributors William Morgan Rummages through the changelog and orders contributors by the size of the diffs they're responsible for.
git-rebase-authors Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Adds authorship info to interactive git rebase output
git-rebase-theirs Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion) Resolve rebase conflicts by favoring 'theirs' version.
git-recently-checkedout-branches Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Shows timestamp and name of recently checked-out branches in reverse chronological order.
git-ref-recent Y combinator article Shows the date, branch name, commit hash, and commit subject of branches, from most recently modified to oldest branches.
git-rel Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles Shows the relationship between the current branch and ref>*. With no ref, the current branch's remote tracking branch is used.
git-related Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Show other files that often get changed in commits that touch <file>.
git-rename-branches Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion) Rename multiple branches that start with a given name.
git-reset-with-fire Joe Block Hard reset the working directory, then zap any files not known to git.
git-restore-mtime Rodrigo Silva (MestreLion) Change mtime of files based on commit date of last change.
git-rm-deleted-from-repo Joe Block Removes files you deleted with rm from the repo for you.
git-root-directory Joe Block Prints the path to the root of the git repository you're in.
git-run-command-on-revisions Gary Bernhardt's dotfiles Runs a given command over a range of Git revisions.
git-shamend Danielle Sucher's git-shamend blog post Amends your staged changes as a fixup (keeping the pre-existing commit message) to the specified commit, or HEAD if no revision is specified.
git-show-overwritten Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Aggregates git blame information about the original owners of lines changed or removed in the '...' diff.
git-shrink-repo Based on gimbo/gimbo-git.zsh Shrinks your clone of a git repo.
git-sp A. Schwarz's git-sp "Simple push", single short command to commit, and push. Use -a flag to add all files to commit.
git-switch-branch Andrew Steele's dotfiles Make it easier to switch to a branch by a substring of its name. More useful if you are good about deleting branches which have been merged upstream and if your branch names include unique identifiers like ticket/issue numbers or feature names.
git-submodule-rm Greg V's dotfiles & Pascal Sommer Allows you to remove a submodule easily with git submodule-rm path/to/submodule.
git-tag-and-sign ? Create and sign a new tag
git-thanks Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles List the contributors to a repository in descending commit order, even if their contribution has been completely replaced.
git-track Zach Holman's dotfiles Sets up your branch to track a remote branch. Assumes you mean origin/localbranchname.
git-trail Christian Neukirchen's blog Show all branching points in the repo's Git history so you can see how to reach commits in the current branch from other branches.
git-undelete ? Undeletes a file.
git-undo-push ? Undoes your last push to branch $1 of origin
git-unpushed Zach Holman's dotfiles Show the diff of everything you haven't pushed to the origin remote yet
git-unreleased Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Shows git commits since the last tagged version.
git-up Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles
git-upstream-sync Joe Block Fetches upstream/yourforkname and rebases it into your local fork, then pushes to your origin remote.
git-what-the-hell-just-happened Gary Bernhardt's dotfiles Show what just happened.
git-when-merged Michael Haggerty git-when-merged Find when a commit was merged into one or more branches.
git-where Mislav Marohnić's dotfiles Shows where a particular commit falls between releases.
git-whoami Peter Eisentraut Shows what username & email you have configured for the repo you're in
git-winner Garry Dolley Shows what authors have made the most commits, both by number of commits and by number of lines changed.
git-wordiness Noel Cower Shows how wordy people's commit messages are. Useful for shaming the folks who commit atrocities like git commit -m fixup
git-wtf William Morgan git-wtf displays the state of your repository in a readable, easy-to-scan format. It's useful for getting a summary of how a branch relates to a remote server, and for wrangling many topic branches.
github-open Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles

Useful git aliases

Here are some helpful aliases for your ~/.gitconfig

alias Description
ahead-of-master = log --oneline origin/master..HEAD Show commits that haven't made it to master yet.
fetch-pull-requests = fetch origin '+refs/pull/*/head:refs/remotes/origin/pull/*' Fetch pull requests from github so you can git checkout pull/123 and test them locally.
roots = log --all --oneline --decorate --max-parents=0 Show the root commits.
unpushed = log @{u}.. Show which commits have not been pushed to the tracking branch and are safe to amend/rebase.
work-in-progress = rebase -i @{u} Starts an interactive rebase of all the commits you haven't pushed yet. Handy for collapsing a bunch of work-in-progress snapshots into logical commits before pushing, without having to worry about accidentally squashing a commit someone else has already referred to.



  • A relatively recent version of git. The version of git Apple includes in macOS is very stale. You should really brew install git to get the current version if you're on macOS - if not for features, for security updates.
  • Python 3+
  • Ruby 2.2+


If you're using zgen:

  1. Add zgen load unixorn/git-extra-commands to your .zshrc along with your other zgen load commands.
  2. zgen reset && zgen save


If you're using Antigen:

  1. Add antigen bundle unixorn/git-extra-commands to your .zshrc where you've listed your other plugins.
  2. Close and reopen your Terminal/iTerm window to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can run antigen bundle unixorn/git-extra-commands in a running shell to have antigen load the new plugin.


If you're using oh-my-zsh:

  1. In the command line, change to oh-my-zsh's custom plugin directory :

    cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/

  2. Clone the repository into a new git-extra-commands directory:

    git clone git-extra-commands

  3. Edit your ~/.zshrc and add git-extra-commands – same as clone directory – to the list of plugins to enable:

    plugins=( ... git-extra-commands )

  4. Then, restart your terminal application to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can source your current shell configuration:

    source ~/.zshrc

Bash / Manual Installation

Nothing here actually requires you to use ZSH or zgen, that's just a convenient distribution method for anyone using a ZSH framework.

If you aren't using any ZSH frameworks, or if you're using bash, fish or another shell, do the following steps:

  1. git clone this repository
  2. Add cloneDirectory/bin to your $PATH in your shell's startup file.

Other useful git stuff

Articles / Blog posts / Books

External Git Utilities

  • bfg repo-cleaner - Removes large or troublesome blobs like git filter-branch does, but faster.
  • bitbucket-git-helpers - Helper scripts to allow you to create bitbucket PRs from a shell session.
  • blackbox - Tom Limoncelli open sourced the tool they use at Stack Exchange to use GPG to store secrets in a git repository.
  • branch-manager - ZSH plugin for branch management
  • commit-helper - A python script that helps you write commits following commit conventions.
  • diff-so-fancy - Better looking git diffs
  • git zsh plugin - A replacement for the stock oh-my-zsh git plugin. Provides quite a few useful aliases and functions that are more consistent in their naming that the relatively unintuitive ones in the stock plugin.
  • git-aliases.zsh - Peter Hurford's git plugin which you may prefer to the git plugin from oh-my-zsh.
  • git-also - Shows what files are most often committed with a given file in the repository.
  • git-amend - Bash script to amend older commits with staged changes.
  • git-branch-status - A git utility to make managing large number of branches either across many remotes easier. Branch status allows comparing all branches against their upstream or any arbitrary branch to show the number of commit differences.
  • git-branches - Prints the commit behind/ahead counts for branches.
  • git-bump - Hook scripts to automatically bump the version file in a repository
  • git-chart - A python script that builds charts from a git repository
  • git-complete-urls - ZSH plugin to enhance git completion to include in the remotes completion (e.g. from git clone) any URL in the clipboard.
  • git-cop - Enforces Git rebase workflow with consistent Git commits for a clean and easy to read/debug project history.
  • git-crypt - Enables transparent encryption and decryption of files in a git repository. Files which you choose to protect are encrypted when committed, and decrypted when checked out.
  • git-deploy-s3 - Keeps your git repo's assets in sync with Amazon S3.
  • git-diffall - Provides a directory based diff mechanism for git.
  • git-extend - Extend Git builtins with command wrappers.
  • git-fastclone - Think git clone --recursive on steroids. If you're doing repeated checkouts of a given repo on a machine (like a ci box), git-fastclone will speed things up considerably.
  • git-flow-completion - Bash, Fish and Zsh completion support for git-flow
  • git-follow - Follow lifetime changes of a pathspec.
  • git-graph - creates a Graphviz graph showing the high-level structure of a repository's history.
  • git-gutter - Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3 to display the git diff in the edit window gutter.
  • git-it-on.zsh - Another plugin by Peter Hurford that adds a gitit command that will open your current directory on github, in your current branch.
  • git-quick-stats - A simple and efficient way to access various statistics in git repository.
  • git-repo-updater - Allows you to easily update multiple git repositories at once.
  • git-secrets - Prevents you from committing secrets and credentials into git repositories.
  • git-standup - Recall what you did on the last working day. Can work in a directory full of git repos to see a consolidated view of all work in all the repos.
  • git-stashd - Autostashing daemon for dirty worktrees.
  • git-submodule-tools - A collection of scripts that should help make life with git submodules easier.
  • git-sweep - A utility script to remove branches that have been merged to master.
  • git-todo - helper script to show all the todo entries in your repo.
  • git-up (gem) - Fetch and rebase all locally-tracked remote branches.
  • git-up (python) - Python implementation of Aanand's original ruby gem
  • git-wayback-machine - A simple script to quickly navigate a project's state through it's GIT history
  • git_history_visualizer - python script to visualize the history of files in a git repository
  • gitbaby - Helper scripts to manage your git repositories
  • gitgo - Open a GitHub/Gitlab hosted repository in your browser via the command line (macOS only).
  • gitsh - An interactive shell for git. From within gitsh you can issue any git command, even using your local aliases and configuration.
  • hitch - Allows developers to be properly credited when Pair Programming and using git.
  • hub - A command line tool that wraps git in order to extend it with extra features and commands that make working with GitHub easier.
  • joe - Generates .gitignore files from the command line for you.
  • mergepbx - Helper script for merging XCode project files.
  • switch-git - Easy switching between git repositories. Just type sgr <some part of you repo's name>, press enter and you're there.
  • xcode-build-scripts - Helper scripts to use with XCode projects

Miscellaneous Tips

Have git cope with typos

Do git config --global help.autocorrect 1

git will now try to figure out what you meant, for example:

$ git commt
WARNING: You called a Git command named 'commt', which does not exist.
Continuing in 0.1 seconds, assuming that you meant 'commit'.

Rewrite git:// with https://

git config --global url."https://github".insteadOf git://github

or replace with ssh

Use ssh instead of https://

git config --global url."".insteadOf ""

Credit: @grawity & @hansdg1 by way of Kovrinic


  • Please include an entry both in the credits section of for any scripts and a credit comment in the script itself in your PRs so authors get their work credited correctly.
  • Please use #!/usr/bin/env interpreter instead of a direct path to the interpreter, this makes it easier for people to use more recent versions when the ones packaged with their OS (macOS and CentOS, I'm looking at you!) are stale.


A collection of git utilities and useful extra git scripts I've discovered or written, packaged for ease of use with shell frameworks.





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