ReconPi - A lightweight recon tool that performs extensive scanning with the latest tools.
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Recon Pi

__________                          __________.__ 
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 |       _// __ \_/ ___\/  _ \ /    \|     ___/  |
 |    |   \  ___/\  \__(  <_> )   |  \    |   |  |
 |____|_  /\___  >\___  >____/|___|  /____|   |__|
        \/     \/     \/           \/             
                          v1.1.0 - by @x1m_martijn

ReconPi - A lightweight recon tool that performs extensive domain scanning with the latest tools using a Raspberry Pi and GO. After the installation the ReconPi only needs an internet connection and some power, easy does it.

Start using that Raspberry Pi -- I know you all have one laying around somewhere ;)

This project is in development. Pull requests are welcome!


Check the updated blogpost here for a complete guide on how to set up your own ReconPi: ReconPi Guide

If you prepared your Raspberry Pi through the guide linked above you should be able to continue below.

ReconPi v1.1.0 needs the Kali Pi image to work 100%!

Connect to your ReconPi with SSH:

$ ssh root@ [Change IP to ReconPi IP]

Now we can set up everything, it's quite simple:

  • git clone
  • cd ReconPi
  • ./
  • The script gives a reboot command at the end of, please login again to start using the ReconPi.

Grab a cup of coffee since this will take a while.


After installing all of the dependencies for the ReconPi you can finally start doing some recon!

$ recon <domain.tld> creates a directory named equal to the domain.tld provided within it's initial directory $HOME/bugbounty. It then starts the recon process.

Tools that are being used at this moment:

More tools will be added in the future, feel free to make a Pull Request!

Output is written to (replace with your own ReconPi address).


Coming soon

  • More detailed scan results on the dashboard.
  • Add more tools.

v1.1.0 Changelog

v1.0.2 Changelog

  • Fixed massdns issue; the cp command in did not work due to "
  • Fixed write issue to domains.json
  • Implemented subdomainDB
  • Switched base OS: Hypriot OS, Docker ships by default.
  • Made a few changes to to get all the requirements needed for
  • Finished the curl POST request call to show data on the dashboard.
  • Tested the and scripts on a freshly installed RPi + Hypriot OS.
  • Added cleanup function
  • Moved all of the loose parts in to functions in