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Platform Sharp X1

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Quick start

IM1 mode (org at address 0)
    zcc +x1 -create-app -lm adv_a.c

80 columns mode (still IM1)
    zcc +x1 -create-app -pragma-define:ansicolumns=80 vtstone.c

IM2 mode (org address = 32768 or more)
    zcc +x1 -create-app -subtype=im2 -zorg=`<address>` -lm adv_a.c

An autoboot RAW disk image (.2D extension) is created automatically by appmake. A .D88 disk image format is obtainable with the SamDisk or XBrowser88 tools.

Do-it-yourself a boot disk (old method)

This is an uncomfortable alternative to "appmake".

The compiler will produce a binary file. All you need to do is put that .bin on a disk image. Set the 'boot' flag on the file and the "load" and "start" address if necessary.

In example, with XBrowser88, you'd create a new blank disk image (Tools -> New), add in your bin file (Home -> Add), and mark it as bootable by right-clicking the filename, clicking Properties, and checking the Boot box. You only need to do that the first time it is added to the disk image - if you update the file, that Boot flag will be preserved.

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