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ChurchCRM Application Platform Prerequisites

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ChurchCRM has a few platform prerequisites, and a built-in mechanism to ensure that all prerequisites are met. If there are any unmet prerequisites, a message will be displayed during setup and a notification will be displayed during run time.

Prerequisites are validated at every page load, so if the hosting environment is changed to an incomplete / unsupported model, a notification will appear

Validation occurs in in the getApplicationPrerequisites() function.


PHP 7.0+


ChurchCRM makes use of many features added with PHP 7.0. Lower versions will not work.

Symptoms of failure

  • Errors and warnings about missing functions (especially random_bytes())

Steps for Resolution

PCRE and UTF-8 Support

Multibyte Encoding

PHP Phar

PHP Session



PHP iconv


Mod Rewrite

GD Library for image manipulation

FileInfo Extension for image manipulation


locale gettext

Include/Config file is writeable

Images directory is writeable

PHP ZipArchive

Mysqli Functions

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