Kiosk Devices

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Kiosk Devices

ChurchCRM supports kiosk devices for various uses. Kiosk Assignment Types are defined below

Kiosk Registration

Kiosks must be registered before use.

  1. Logged into ChurchCRM as an administrator, select "Kiosk Manager"
  2. Slide the toggle bar for "Enable New Kiosk Registration". This toggle remains active for 5 seconds.
  3. Before the timer runs out, use the browser on your kiosk to navigate to /kiosk
  4. If the page was loaded before the timer runs out, your kiosk will indicate that it has not yet been accepted. It will also display its randomly assigned name.
  5. In the Kiosk Manager, click the "Accept" button for your new kiosk.
  6. Select an assignment for the selected kiosk. Assignment changes should display on the kiosk within a few seconds.

Kiosk Assignments

Each kiosk may have only one assignment. This assignment is set from the kiosk manager. A drop-down menu is available for each registered kiosk. Presently, only events which have not yet ended will be available in the drop-down menu.

Event Attendance Kiosk

Streamlines the attendance process for teachers by providing a very simple touch-based interface for both marking attendance and alerting parents.

Primary Features:

  • Checkin / checkout for people in the group assigned to the current event
  • Notification services for each member

Notification Services

For Kiosk modes that support notification services, all family members will be alerted by the following methods:

  1. Email
  2. SMS (If Nexmo system configurations are present)
  3. OpenLP Live Projector Alert (if OLP system configurations are present)
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