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Code / Style Guide


The API is built with Slim version 2.0


We are using Monolog for logging. In Standard pages we have $logger var that can be used if the debug is enabled in the System Settings. In the Slim APIs you can use $this->Logger-> var.

UI Standards

  • We use the AdminLTE theme to generate a consistent UX for our users. Before you make any UI changes please review the AdminLTE documentation for the best way to leverage the theme's built in JavaScript and CSS.
  • AdminLTE contains many JavaScript Plugins (including JQuery and Bootstrap), so before adding any external components, please evaluate the plugins already in the project.

General Code Formatting

  • We use editorconfig to normalize code styling.
  • Not all code styles are supported for normalization within editorconfig, so please refer to the list below
  • All files use LF (Unix) line endings. CI Tests will fail for any PR containing CRLF or CR line endings.

Tabs and Indents

  • All tabs are represented as spaces
  • A single "tab" is expanded to 2 spaces


  • A new line should follow the following clauses:
    • else
    • elseif
    • while
    • finally
    • catch
  • New lines should not follow class or scope definitions like "class", "public", or "private"


  • All open braces should be on the same line as the control statement:
    • Class definitions
    • Method declarations
    • if, else, elseif
    • for, foreach
    • while
    • do
    • switch
    • try, catch, finally
  • All close braces should be on their own line.


  • A space should occur:
    • Inside the parentheses in the following statements:
      • if, elseif
      • for, foreach
      • while
      • catch
      • switch
    • Before and after the following elements:
      • Binary operators ( < > == )
      • Ternary Operators ( $b ? $a : $b )
      • String Concatenation Operator ' . '
      • Key => Value Operator
      • Assignment Operator ($b = 5)
    • After
      • Comma
      • Semicolon
      • Type-casts
      • Short PHP Tag
    • Before
      • Close PHP Tag

PHP Tags

  • We don't use PHP short tags
  • We do use <?= in place of <?php echo.
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