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What is MAMP

MAMP is a free, local server environment that can be installed under macOS and Windows with just a few clicks. MAMP provides them with all the tools they need to run WordPress on their desktop PC for testing or development purposes, for example. It doesn't matter if you prefer Apache or Nginx or if you want to work with PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby.

Visit the MAMP Website and download the software

Please note this for MAMP PRO 5.4 which costs money ($69.00 US)

  1. Change default PHP version to 7.2.x

  2. Add new Host

  • point it to the src dir of the downloaded Church CRM repo.
  • check create a database
  • check generate a certificate for https access
  1. Download and generate files from src.
  • npm install
  • npm run composer-install
  • npm run orm-gen
  1. Install ChurchCRM via Setup page
  • Note MySQL DB info is localhost and port 8889
  1. Login and change default password
  • current default user is admin with password changeme
  1. Import Demo backup
  • demo backup is located in the demo folder and it includes sample member data etc.
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