Reports and Queries

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Reports and Queries

Reports are built-in reports that give specific reports about user information. Queries are pre-built queries on the database that return individuals/families.

Built in Reports

Group membership

  • Contact lists
  • Reports on groups and roles
  • People Directory: Printable directory of all people, grouped by family where assigned
  • Letters and Mailing Labels
  • Birthdays: Members with birthdays in a particular month
  • Family Member Count: Returns each family and the total number of people assigned to them.
  • Membership anniversaries: People who joined in a particular month
  • Person by Age: Returns any person records with ages between two given ages.
  • Person by properties: Returns person records which are assigned the given property.
  • Person by Role and Gender: Selects person records with the family role and gender specified.
  • Person Count
  • Recent friends: Friends who signed up in previous months
  • Select all members: People who are members
  • Select database users: People who are registered as database users
  • Total By Gender: Total of records matching a given gender.
  • Volunteers: Find volunteers for a particular opportunity
  • Volunteers: Find volunteers for who match two specific opportunity codes
  • Advanced Search: Search by any part of Name, City, State, Zip, or Home Phone.
  • Families to canvass: People in families that are ok to canvass.
  • Class & Attendance Reports

Sunday School Reports: Generate class lists and attendance sheets

  • Event Attendance: Generate attendance -AND- non-attendance reports for events

  • Class Students: Find students for a particular class

  • Class Teachers: Find teachers for a particular class

  • Registered students

  • Finance Reports

Finance Reports

What is a Free-Text Query?

A Free-Text Query allows you to run any query on the database. Since ChurchCRM is based on mySQL, anyone who has knowledge of this program can run free-text queries.

What is a Cart-Enabled Query?

A Cart-Enabled Query is one in which the results of the query can be entered into the cart.

How do I use Cart-Enabled Queries?

Once a Cart-Enabled Query has been run, simply click the button entitled "Add Results to Cart".

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