Localization Testing

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Localization Providers

For PHP server-side code, ChurchCRM uses gettext: GNU gettext Manual

For JavaScript client-side code, ChurchCRM uses i18next: https://www.i18next.com/

Generate Master Localization file

  • ssh into vagrant box
  • cd /vagrant
  • Run npm run locale-gen
  • Review changes in /vagrant/src/locale/messages.po
  • Commit messages.po
  • Create a Pull Request for changes
  • Upload to POEditor.com
  • Tag the terms with the release version

Update Localization

  • got to poeditor.com
  • update locale values for terms
  • download po and mo file to your locale server for testing

Download Localization

  • Go to POEditor.com and generate an API Key
  • Add the API Key to Build BuildConfig.json
  • In CLI of your dev (local/remote) system run npm run locale-download
  • Review Changes
  • Send a message to the team to download and create a locale-only-build or wait for the next release.
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