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References Collection


Chisel 2 has been deprecated for some time now, however certain parts of Rocket-Chip remain coded in Chisel 2. Using the compatibility package, they can still run in the Chisel 3 context. In this page we collect resources to Chisel 2 to help out those learners and designers that need to get things done within code that never got upgraded from Chisel 2.


Chisel Quick Tutorial held at the first RISC-V workshop, January 15th, 2015 - a video tutorial, slides given below.

Chisel Bootcamp held at the second RISC-V workshop, March 11th, 2015 - the best quick introduction to Chisel 2 contained in slides presented in the above-given video tutorial (slides are a bit updated).

Chisel Tutorial starts with explaining basic constructs and continues on to explain how to create combinational circuits, state elements and all the way to finite state machines, memories and interfaces. Available in HTML as Getting Started with Chisel.

Chisel Cheatsheet collects the language syntax.

Chisel paper published at DAC back in 2012 - a more detailed, in-depth document about Chisel 2.

Chisel Manual provides a comprehensive overview and specification of the language. Available in HTML, as well.

Advanced Parameterization Manual even though introduced at the end of the Tutorial referenced above, parameterization is one of the advanced topics and it is treated accordingly in this document. Available in HTML version, as well.


If you find anything else or create any other interesting document on this topic, you are welcome to simply add it here on your own or please let us know using the User Experiences page and we'll gladly do it for you. Thanks :)

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