A collection of interesting libraries/tools for Monogame based game projects
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A hand-picked bookmark collection of subjectively modern/interesting libraries/tools for building cross-platform games with MonoGame framework.

Inspired by awesome-xamarin


  • MonoGame - GitHub stars - Source code for the framework and its tools.
  • FNA - GitHub stars - Desktop unique reimplementation of XNA 4.0 apis. It can be used to build desktop versions and be sure to have the same behavior on all platforms.
  • DigitalRune - GitHub stars - .NET libraries for developing 3D games with XNA and MonoGame


  • Nez - GitHub stars - Source code for the framework and the tools.
  • Monocle - Framework created and maintained by @MattThorson for his games (Towerfall, Celeste, ...).
  • MonoGame.Extended - GitHub stars - A collection of classes and extensions to make it easier to make games with MonoGame.
  • CocosSharp - GitHub stars - CocosSharp is a C# implementation of the Cocos2D and Cocos3D APIs that runs on any platform where MonoGame runs.
  • Protogame - GitHub stars - Protogame is an open source game engine (MIT licensed) written on top of MonoGame and C#, designed to allow game developers to rapidly produce games within 48 hours.
  • Gem - GitHub stars - A cross-platform game engine with GUI and multiplayer support using MonoGame, Farseer and Lidgren.
  • Aether Engine - GitHub stars - A lightweight, modular game engine.
  • Corund - Github stars - An engine for 2D mobile games.


  • TiledSharp - GitHub stars - C# library for parsing and importing TMX and TSX files generated by Tiled, a tile map generation tool.


  • SpriterDotNet - GitHub stars - A simple, fast and efficient Spriter implementation in pure C#.
  • Spine - GitHub stars - 2D skeletal animation runtimes for Spine.
  • Aether.Animation - GitHub stars - GPU & CPU Skinned animation for 3D models.
  • Spritesheet - GitHub stars - Simple helper for creating sprite based animations.

User Interfaces


  • Farseer - Original physics engine with a collision detection system with realistic physics responses built for XNA.
  • Farseer.Portable - GitHub stars - Farseer Physics compiled as a portable class library (PCL) against the PCL version of MonoGame.
  • Jitter - GitHub stars - A maintained fork of the Jitter physics engine, which is used in Protogame.
  • Humper - GitHub stars - Collision detection for Axis-Aligned-Bounding-Boxes (aka AABB) in C#.
  • Aether.Physics2D - GitHub stars - A 2D Physics simulation and collision detection system for MonoGame. Fork of the Farseer Physics Engine.
  • BEPUphysics GitHub stars - Pure C# 3D real time physics simulation library. (With MonoGame examples)
  • VolatilePhysics GitHub stars - A 2D Physics Library for Networked Games
  • VelcroPhysics GitHub stars - High performance 2D collision detection system with realistic physics responses. (Ex-Farseer)
  • BulletSharp GitHub stars - NET wrapper for the Bullet physics library.

Artificial Intelligence

  • A-Pathfinding-and-movement-system-demo - GitHub stars - A* pathfinding and movement system in C# and MonoGame taken from the Vault-Tech engine
  • AStar - GitHub stars - A* Star Pathfinding Search Algorithm in C#.
  • Roy-T AStar - GitHub stars - A 2D path finding library based on the A* algorithm for .NETStandard 1.0 and .Net 4.5 and higher. This library has no external dependencies.


  • Penumbra - GitHub stars - 2D lighting with soft shadows for MonoGame.
  • MGShaderEditor - GitHub stars - Shader Editor for MonoGame's Effects.
  • DeferredEngine - GitHub stars - Deferred rendering engine written to make developing and understanding custom shaders easier.
  • Aether.Shaders - GitHub stars - Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing shaders. Deferred rendering shaders.


  • SadConsole - GitHub stars - A .NET ascii/ansi console engine written in C# for MonoGame and XNA. Create your own text roguelike (or other) games!
  • QuakeConsole - GitHub stars - Quake-style console for MonoGame.



  • 2D Primitives - Extends SpriteBatch to allow to draw various shapes, mainly for debugging purpose.
  • LilyPath - GitHub stars - A 2D path and shape drawing library for MonoGame and XNA.
  • FSMsharp - GitHub stars - Incredibly small finite state machine for .NET languages, written in C#. Useful for UIs and games.
  • Mono.GameMath - GitHub stars - Optimized math for games, based on XNA APIs.
  • Comora - GitHub stars - A simple 2D camera for MonoGame.
  • XNALibrary - GitHub stars - XNA/MonoGame tool library. IsolatedStorageFile Wrapper, Garbage-free StringBuilder, Phasor, Timer, Scheduler, InputState, PMS/duty-cicle Vibrate control, Common Vertex types, DataStructures & Collections.
  • Transform - GitHub stars - Base objects for managing relative transforms.
  • MGLayers - GitHub stars - Layered and packed asset loading extensions for MonoGame.
  • FbonizziMonoGame - GitHub stars - It defines some tools for MonoGame (like a ParticleGenerator) and abstractions over Windows UWP and Android (like a SettingsRepository)



To the extent possible under law, Aloïs Deniel has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.