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Welcome to the Devilry wiki.

Our website should always be the starting point when looking for documentation, so please forward users there instead of directly to the Wiki.

Please contribute

Devilry is an open source project that encourage everyone to contribute.

  • We have a very good track record when it comes to accepting suggestions. Most suggestions from users have been implemented, and all submitted patches have been included (after careful review).
  • This is a Wiki. Everyone can contribute. Just create a GitHub user and edit the pages.
  • Submit issues if you detect any bugs, or have an idea that may improve Devilry. Improvements may be anything from changing the text of a button to major overhaul of an entire view.
  • Write programs/scripts that integrate with Devilry. Very little programming experience required.
  • Help us develop Devilry --- Check out the Developer section of the Wiki.