Enyo 2.1 Release Notes

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Enyo 2.1 Release Notes

Welcome to Enyo 2.1. The following items have changes since the Enyo 2.0.1 release. (Note that this list is not comprehensive; see the commit history in GitHub for a complete list of changes.)


  • Made numerous changes to Enyo core for compatibility with Google Chrome Packaged Apps.
  • In Control.js, made fix restoring the ability to add components directly to an enyo.Scroller by calling its createComponent method.
  • In Button.js, fixed issue that could cause disabled buttons to receive (and respond to) certain events.
  • In Scroller.js, fixed issue that could cause scrolling to not work in Chrome and Firefox browsers on Android.
  • In animation.js, added workaround for issue causing animations to not work properly on iOS 6. Also moved animation.js from kernel package to dom package.
  • In gesture.js, made changes to improve drag event handling on open webOS platform.
  • In touch.js, made changes to fix behavior of tap events in environments where mouse and touch inputs co-exist (e.g., Windows 7 devices with touchscreen). Also worked around issue in which Android Chrome could erroneously register single-taps as double-taps.
  • In Ajax.js, added CORS handling for IE8 and IE9; also improved timeout support by canceling XHR after timeout fires.
  • In jsonp.js, removed unnecessary call to removeScriptElement().
  • In xhr.js, fixed issue that could cause sync requests to fail in IE8.
  • In loader.js, fixed error when loading from a package directory whose name ends in "js" or "css".


  • Overhauled Onyx's handling of CSS, adding support for dynamic stylesheets (via LESS).
  • Added new DatePicker and TimePicker controls, both of which support localization. Also added RangeSlider and ToggleIconButton.
  • In Drawer.js, added "animated" property, used to temporarily disable animation when changing drawer status.
  • In Menu.js, fixed issue that could cause menus to be cut off on the left-hand side, along with an issue that could cause menus to be positioned off-screen.
  • In ToggleButton.js, fixed issue causing onChange event to fire on app startup without any user interaction.
  • In onyx.css, fixed style controlling toggle button appearance in IE8.


  • Added new AroundList control, a list that may have content around its rows. Also added new ImageView and ImageCarousel kinds.
  • In List.js and FlyweightRepeater.js, added new noSelect property. When set to true, list items are not automatically re-rendered when tapped.
  • In Panels.js, fixed issue preventing deletion of panels when wrapping is enabled. Also addressed positioning issues when transitioning from two-panel state to one-panel state, along with potential layout problems related to browser scroll events.
  • In List.css, fixed issue with "enyo-list-port" style, which was causing display problems in Firefox.


  • Added new g11n library for globalization/localization.


  • Fixed issue that could cause Bootplate-based apps to open in "IE7 document mode" in IE9.
  • In deploy script, added ability to specify the directory that files are deployed to.


  • Added samples for new g11n library and new controls. Also added "GestureSample" and "PlatformSample".
  • In "Sampler" app, fixed issue causing odd scroll bar behavior in Chrome.
  • In "ListContactsSample", fixed issues surrounding deletion of list items.
  • In "ListPulldownSample", fixed problem causing "Pull down to refresh..." text to not appear in Android Chrome browser.
  • In "FlyweightRepeaterSample", made changes to improve layout on phone-sized screens.
  • In "PanelsFlickrSample", added check to avoid re-loading images that have already been loaded; this could cause problems on iOS 6.
  • In "PickerSample", corrected visual alignment issues.
  • In "TreeSample", fixed overlapping text in Android Chrome browser.


  • Fixed issue causing API Viewer to not load properly in IE9.
  • Fixed various API Viewer glitches caused by inconsistent application of "public" and "protected" tags across the framework.
  • In minify.js, implemented more robust parsing of options with nopt npm package; also shimmed the path.relative function for old versions of Node.


  • Added documentation for UI Theming.
  • Added documentation for new g11n library.
  • In Panels document, added information on which arrangers support wrapping.
  • Added warning to avoid renaming package.js files.