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Build configs (at the top) and host configs (bottom) are listed here:


A builder runs on a certain host type. (e.g. linux-386-387 is a build type. It runs on host-linux-kubestd, a Kubernetes-based linux/amd64 host)

They come from the file https://github.com/golang/build/blob/master/dashboard/builders.go

For design details about the coordinator, see https://golang.org/s/builderplan

How to set up a builder

  1. talk to golang-dev@ to get a builder host type & hash (they can get one from e.g. https://build-dot-golang-org.appspot.com/key?builder=host-foo-bar), and put that in ~/.gobuildkey or ~/.gobuildkey-host-foo-bar or the file pointed to by env var $GO_BUILD_KEY_PATH.
  2. go get -u golang.org/x/build/cmd/buildlet
  3. Run the buildlet in a loop or under systemd: while true; do buildlet -coordinator=farmer.golang.org -reverse-type=host-foo-bar -reboot=false; done
  4. Verify you can see the host registered at https://farmer.golang.org/#pools in the "Reverse pool machine detail" section and "Reverse pool summary".
  5. Add a builder type to https://github.com/golang/build/blob/master/dashboard/builders.go (see the addBuilder lines). Run tests. Send the CL.
  6. Have golang-dev deploy it.

Old-style builders

Older-style builders are listed below. These builders are configured and run manually. The bug https://github.com/golang/go/issues/21191 tracks migrating the remaining ones over to the new system.

title description owner notes
nacl-arm-cheney Raspberry Pi 3 @davecheney
openbsd-arm SolidRun CuBox-i4Pro, ARM Cortex A9 R2 792 MHz, 2GB RAM @4a6f656c - Joel Sing
plan9-arm Raspberry Pi 3 Model B @0intro - David du Colombier Plan 9 from Bell Labs
plan9-amd64-9front VM @0intro - David du Colombier 9front

Builder Requirements

  • internet connection (at least be able to access Google and https://build.golang.org)
  • preferably with two or more (V)CPUs, as at least one test (sync/atomic requires runtime.NumCPU() > 1 to test more completely)
  • at least 512MiB of memory (1GB or more highly recommended. 512MB might need a small GOGC setting to avoid thrashing.)


  • The combination of Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 OMAP4 kernel and pandaboard (ES) have proven unstable as builders. See issue 4305. Make sure you have updated to the latest available 12.04.2 release.
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