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Builders that are managed by the coordinator (VMs running on GCE or reverse buildlets, such as the new OS X builders) are listed here:


For design details about the coordinator, see http://golang.org/s/builderplan

Older-style builders are listed below. These builders are configured and run manually. The goal is to migrate as many as possible over to the new system.

title description owner notes
linux-arm64-canonical ARMv8 @davecheney Ubuntu 14.04
linux-arm64-linaro ARMv8 @davecheney Ubuntu 14.04.2
linux-ppc64le-canonical POWER8 little endian @davecheney Ubuntu 14.04
android-arm-crawshaw Nexus 7 crawshaw Builder runs on attached desktop, uses adb
darwin-amd64 2011 Mac Mini, 2.4Ghz Core i5 adg Mac OS X 10.6 (10K549)
darwin-amd64-cheney 2011 Mac Mini, 2.4Ghz Core i5 Dave Cheney Mac OS X 10.10 XCode 5
darwin-amd64-race-cheney 2011 Mac Mini, 2.4Ghz Core i5 Dave Cheney Mac OS X 10.10 XCode 5
darwin-386 2011 Mac Mini, 2.4Ghz Core i5 adg Mac OS X 10.6 (10K549)
darwin-386-cheney 2011 Mac Mini, 2.4Ghz Core i5 Dave Cheney Mac OS X 10.10 XCode 5
dragonfly-amd64 ? Justin Sherrill ?
freebsd-arm-paulzhol Cubiboard2 1Gb RAM dual-core Cortex-A7 (Allwiner A20) Yuval Pavel Zholkover FreeBSD 11 r299674 with NODEBUG kernel (w/o INVARIANTS, WITNESS, DEADLKRES)
linux-arm-luitvd RaspberryPi Luit van Drongelen
linux-arm-arm5 QNAP TS-119P, ARMv5 @ 2.0GHz, 512MB Dave Cheney GOARM=5
linux-arm-cheney-imx6 Solidrun Cubox-i, quad core Cortex-A9 ~ 1Ghz, 2Gb ram Dave Cheney Runs arch linux, iMX6 boards need 3.10.x or above to pass the build reliably
linux-ppc64 KVM instance on physical 8-core POWER7 pSeries. Chip rev: 2.1 (pvr 004b 0201) bradfitz, rsc
linux-ppc64-minux Gentoo on PowerMac G5 (dual 2.7GHz ppc970fx) minux Disabled, Go doesn't support ppc970 anymore
linux-mips64le-cherry Gentoo on Loongson 2F 800MHz, 1GB DDR2 cherry builds sharded on three machines
linux-mips64le-stitch Cavium Octeon II CN6880, 32-core @ 1GHz, 8GB RAM Ed Swierk Debian sid, no FPU
linux-mips64-minux Gentoo on EdgeRouter Lite, 500MHz dual core MIPS64r2, 512MB minux
nacl-arm samsung chromebook rsc running chrubuntu
nacl-arm-cheney same builder as linux-arm-cheney-imx6 Dave Cheney
netbsd-386-minux KVM minux
netbsd-amd64-bsiegert EC2 m1.small VM Benny Siegert on Brad's work EC2 account
openbsd-arm SolidRun CuBox-i4Pro, ARM Cortex A9 R2 792 MHz, 2GB RAM Joel Sing
plan9-386-ducolombier Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33 GHz, 6GB David du Colombier Plan 9 from Bell Labs
plan9-arm Raspberry Pi 3 Model B David du Colombier Plan 9 from Bell Labs
plan9-amd64-9front VM David du Colombier 9front
solaris-amd64-smartos E5-1650 Xeon, 6C/12T Daniel Malon runs illumos (smartos zone); dfc, aram have full access
solaris-amd64-solaris11 VM Dave Cheney runs Solaris 11

Builder Requirements

  • internet connection (at least be able to access Google and http://build.golang.org)
  • preferably with two or more (V)CPUs, as at least one test (sync/atomic requires runtime.NumCPU() > 1 to test more completely)
  • at least 512MiB of memory (1GB or more highly recommended. 512MB might need a small GOGC setting to avoid thrashing.)


  • The combination of Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 OMAP4 kernel and pandaboard (ES) have proven unstable as builders. See issue 4305. Make sure you have updated to the latest available 12.04.2 release.

How to set up a builder

  1. obtain a hash from Go team members, and put that in ~/.gobuildkey
  2. go get golang.org/x/build/cmd/builder
  3. builder YOUR_BUILDER_NAME

Special notes

  • Please make sure you've installed root certificates and that it's accessible to Go programs. For example, on NetBSD, you will need to install security/mozilla-rootcerts.
  • If your builder runs Unix, please install perl, as tests for go.tools/cmd/vet need it.
  • Raise ulimits on Unix: thread count (-r), nofiles (-n, 1024 should be fine)