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Go Conferences and Major Events


Please keep all items in chronological order. There is also a map of the confirmed 2019 conferences at The map will be updated about once a week from the entries below. Errors in the map can be reported to

Name Date Location Website
GoDays 2019-01-30 Berlin, Germany
Go Devroom FOSDEM 2019-02-02 Brussels, Belgium
GopherCon Israel 2019-02-11 Tel Aviv, Israel
OpenGo 2019 2019-03-18 Miami, FL
dotGo 2019 2019-03-25 Paris, France
GothamGo 2019-04-12 New York City, NY USA
GopherCon Russia 2019-04-13 Moscow, Russia
GoCon Canada 2019-05-31 Toronto, Canada
GopherCon EU 2019 TBD TBD TBD
GopherCon 2019 2019-07-24-27 San Diego, CA
GopherCon UK 2019-08-21-23 London, UK
GoLab 2019 2019-10-21-22 Florence, Italy
Florida Golang 2020-02-03-04 Orlando, Florida


Please keep all items in reverse chronological order (most recent first)

Name Date Location Talk, Video Archives
GopherCon India 2019 2019-01-18-19 Goa, India
GopherCon Vietnam 2018 2018-12-08 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
GoCon Tokyo 2018-11-25 Tokyo, Japan
GoGoConf 2018-10-25 Krakow, Poland
GoLab 2018 2018-10-22-23 Florence, Italy
Gopherpalooza 2018 2018-10-12 San Francisco, CA
Go Stockholm Conference 2018-10-06 Stockholm, Sweden
GoWayFest 2.0 2018-09-28 Minsk, Belarus
GopherCon Brasil 2018 2018-09-27-29 Florianópolis, Brazil
GopherCon Denver 2018 2018-08-27-30 Denver, CO
Lightning Talks:
GopherCon UK 2018 2018-08-01-03 London, UK
Go Northwest 2018 2018-07-30 Seattle, WA, USA
GopherCon Europe - Iceland 2018-06-01-02 Reykjavik, Iceland Talks
GopherCon SG 2018 2018-05-04 Singapore
GothamGo 2018 2018-04-27 New York, USA
GoCon Tokyo 2018-04-15 Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon China 2018 2018-04-14-15 Shanghai, China
GopherCon Russia 2018 2018-03-17 Moscow, Russia
GopherCon India 2018 2018-03-09-10 Pune, India
Go Devroom FOSDEM 2018 2018-02-03-04 Brussels, Belgium
GopherCon Brasil 2017 2017-11-17-19 Florianópolis, Brazil
dotGo 2017-11-06 Paris, France
GoCon Tokyo 2017-11-05 Tokyo, Japan
GothamGo 2017-10-05-06 New York, USA
Golang UK 2017-08-16-18 London, UK
GopherCon Denver 2017-07-12-15 Denver, CO
GopherCon Singapore 2017 2017-05-25-26 Singapore
Capital Go Language Conference 2017-04-24-25 Washington, DC
GopherChina 2017 2017-04-15-16 Shanghai
GoCon Tokyo 2017-03-25 Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon India 2017 2017-02-24-25 Pune, India
Go Devroom FOSDEM 2017-02-05 Brussels, Belgium
GoLab 2017-01-20-21 Florence, Italy
GothamGo 2016-11-18 New York, USA
GopherCon Brasil 2016-11-04-05 Florianópolis, Brazil
dotGo 2016-10-10 Paris, France
Golang UK 2016-08-18 London, UK
GopherCon Denver 2016-07-11 Denver, CO
Gopherfest 2016-05-16 San Francisco, USA
GoCon Japan 2016-04-23 Tokyo, Japan
Gopher China 2016-04-16 Beijing, China
GopherCon Dubai 2016-02-23 Dubai, UAE
GopherCon India 2016-02-19 Bengaluru, India videos
FOSDEM 2016-01-30 Brussels, Belgium
Gopher Gala 2016-01-22 Earth
GoLab 2015-12-15 Florence, Italy
GoCon Tokyo 2015-12-06 Tokyo, Japan
GopherFest SV 2015-11-18 Facebook, Menlo Park, CA videos
dotGo 2015-11-09 Paris, France videos
GothamGo 2015-10-02 NY, NY videos
GolangUK 2015-08-21 London, UK videos
GopherCon Denver 2015-07-07 Denver, CO keynotes, lightning
GoCon Tokyo 2015-06-20 Tokyo, Japan
GopherfestSF 2015-06-25 San Francisco, CA videos
GopherCon India 2015-03-17 Bengaluru, India videos
Go Devroom FOSDEM 2015-03-04 Brussels, Belgium videos
Gopher China 2015-04-25 Shanghai, China
London Go Gathering 2015-02-03 London, UK videos
GoCon Tokyo 2014-11-30 Tokyo, Japan
GothamGo 2014-11-15 NYC, NY videos
dotGo 2014-09-10 Paris, France videos
Go Devroom FOSDEM 2014-06-30 Brussels, Belgium videos
GoCon Tokyo 2014-05-31 Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon Denver 2014-04-24 Denver, CO videos
GoCon Tokyo 2013-10-14 Tokyo, Japan
GoCon Tokyo 2013-04-13 Tokyo, Japan
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