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These are benchmarks collected from the community used to measure the effects of changes to the Go core (compiler, runtime, garbage collector, and libraries). They should have the following properties:

  • they matter; someone cares, perhaps in a dollars-and-cents way, that they run well
  • they are go-gettable and don't require customized steps for building the benchmark
  • they run under go test -bench ...
  • they run relatively quickly, ideally a single "run" takes less than a second (there should perhaps be a separate set of longer-running benchmarks)
  • their timings are not gratuitously noisy
  • they run cleanly in a restricted environment, such as a Docker or rkt container
  • they're not gratuitously redundant with other benchmarks already in the list; we don't need ten microbenchmarks of Go transcendental functions

These benchmarks change over time, and that is okay. Their intended use is for performance testing of proposed changes; is the geometric mean better, were any benchmarks made substantially worse?

Information for each benchmark includes (or should include):

  • a short name for the benchmark
  • the path to go get the benchmark
  • a regexp for the benchmark suite excluding individual benchmarks that might be noisy, long-running, or redundant
  • (ideally) a contact person for questions about the benchmarks
short name notes go get path benchmark regexp contact
ajstarks_deck_generate Benchmark(Polygon|Arc)
benhoyt_goawk BenchmarkR
bindata Benchmark
capnproto2 Benchmark(TextMovementBetweenSegments|Growth_MultiSegment)
cespare_mph BenchmarkBuild
cespare_xxhash BenchmarkHashes/xxhash-string,n=10_MB
ericlagergren_decimal BenchmarkPi_decimal_Go_9
ethereum_bitutil Benchmark(BaseTest2KB|FastTest2KB|Encoding4KBVerySparse)
ethereum_core BenchmarkChainRead_full_10k
ethereum_corevm BenchmarkOpDiv128
ethereum_ecies BenchmarkGenSharedKeyP256
ethereum_ethash BenchmarkHashimotoLight
ethereum_sha3 BenchmarkSha3_224_MTU
ethereum_storage BenchmarkJoin_8
ethereum_trie Benchmark
gonum_blas_native Benchmark(DasumMediumUnitaryInc|Dnrm2MediumPosInc)
gonum_community BenchmarkLouvainDirectedMultiplex
gonum_lapack_native BenchmarkDgeev/Circulant10
gonum_mat Benchmark(MulWorkspaceDense1000Hundredth|ScaleVec10000Inc20)
gonum_path Benchmark(AStarUndirectedmallWorld_10_2_2_2_Heur|Dominators/nested_if_n256)
gonum_topo Benchmark(TarjanSCCGnp_1000_half|TarjanSCCGnp_10_tenth)
gonum_traverse BenchmarkWalkAllBreadthFirstGnp_(10|1000)_tenth
gtank_blake2s BenchmarkHash8K
gtank_ed25519 Benchmark(IsOnCurve|ScalarMult)
hugo_helpers Benchmark(StripHTML|ReaderContains)
hugo_hugolib BenchmarkParsePage
hugo_hugolib_sitebuilding BenchmarkSiteBuilding/YAML,num_pages=10,num_tags=10,tags_per_page=20,shortcodes,render-12
k8s_api BenchmarkEncodeCodecFromInternalProtobuf
k8s_schedulercache BenchmarkList1kNodes30kPods
minio BenchmarkGetObject5MbFS
nelsam_gxui_interval Benchmark
semver BenchmarkValidateVersionTildeFail
spexs2 BenchmarkRun/10k/1
uber_zap BenchmarkAddingFields/(Zap.Sugar|^[ais])
uuid Benchmark(NewV5|MarshalToString)

There is a benchmark runner that automates downloading, building, and running these benchmarks under various (user-defined) configurations. Benchmarking noise on Linux can be somewhat reduced with perflock.

A few have been proposed but have so far failed to make the cut (for fetch, build, or noise problems):

short name notes go get path benchmark regexp contact
eolian_dsp Benchmark
ethereum_whisperv5 Benchmark
kanzi Benchmark
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