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Bonnie Bogle

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Mike Migurski

Dane Springmeyer


[Hard at work on Mapnik] (

Dane and Artem meet in person

Intensely following TileMill demonstration

Toasting a successful sprint

Fixes and Improvements

This is a quick list of things we started work on or achieved during the sprint:

(please add anything I missed - dane)

  • Discussed next stable release (.7x series and Mapnik2 work, what to backport)
  • Forward compatibility of .7.x series a priority (springmeyer)
  • Lots of work on new prototype for documentation (dodobas) #288
  • Moved Cascadenik to github and refactored lots of code, merging in XML-bad branch (migurski, rcoup, ninow) (
  • Came up with lots of new ideas and pushed they into tickets against Sprint Milestone
  • Many sprinters installed Mapnik2 - we updated docs with lessons learned (springmeyer)
  • Extensive review and prioritization of tickets relating to cartographic features (ldp)
  • Work towards native boost::spirit WKT parser (artem)
  • Number of improvements to python api documentation (tmcw)
  • Add functions to set the alpha of overall rendering map image (springmeyer)
  • Started work on better warning output during XML parsing for misspelled property names (springmeyer) #110
  • Added function to convert grayscale channel to alpha channel for "World Glass" effect (springmeyer)
  • Added support for faster multi-threaded reprojection through use of proj ctx (#605) (tomhughes)
  • Addition of RTL test XML (r2244, ajashton)
  • Worked on scoping Cairo context.scale() bugs - no solution quite yet (mishok13)
  • Added support for "late-binding" of datasources for better control over object creation from calling apps like Cascadenik (#622) (rcoup)
  • Various Improvements to shield and text positioning (artem)
  • Improvements to SVG parsing and rendering (artem)
  • Fixed feature caching when using multiple styles for faster rendering (woodpeck) (#624)
  • Brainstormed and scoped on wiki ideas around Compositing and Legends (gravitystorm, ivansanchez)
  • Added Python3 support (haoyu,springmeyer) Python3k
  • Wrote a render_debug() function to output statistics on rendering times (woodpeck)
  • Added the ability to control the timeout of expensive PostGIS queries (jburgess) #632
  • Started writing Spreadnik v2 in python (ivansanchez)
  • Doubled speed of the Paleoserver for returning transparent tiles (springmeyer)
  • Fixed bugs in nik2img around double-opening of images on linux and recursively registering fonts (springmeyer)

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