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Mapnik 0.6.1 Release Changelog


Overview of the 0.6.1 Milestone: milestone:0.6.1

Complete list of tickets closed against this milestone

  • XML: Fixed serialization and parsing bugs related to handling of integers and Enums (#328,#353)
  • SCons: Added the ability to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH env setting (#217)
  • SCons: Improved linking to only required libraries for libmapnik (#371)
  • Shape Plugin: Added compile time flag to allow disabling the use of memory mapped files (r1213) (#342)
  • Core: Improved support for PPC (Big endian) architectures (r1198 -> r1213)
  • Scons: Improved auto-detection of boost libs/headers (r1200) (#297)
  • Plugins: Exposed list of available/registered plugins (r1180) (#246)
  • SCons: Improve build support for SunCC (patches from River Tarnell) (r1168, r1169)
  • Python: Fixed icu::UnicodeString to PyObject converter (r1240)
  • Python: Pickling support for text_symbolizer (r1164) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for proj_transform and view/coord_transform (r1163) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for parameters (r1162) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for stroke objects (r1161) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for line_symbolizer (r1160) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for projection objects (r1159) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for shield_symbolizer (r1158) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for polygon_symbolizer (r1157) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for query objects (r1156) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for pattern symbolizers (r1155) (#345)
  • Python: Pickling support for raster_symbolizer (r1154) (#345)
  • Python: Exposed dash_array get method (r1151) (#317)
  • Python: Pickling support for Coord objects (#345)
  • GDAL Plugin: Added an experimental option to open files in 'shared mode' (r1143)
  • Python: Exposed RasterSymbolizer options in Python (r1139)
  • Plugins: Fixed support for non-file based sources in GDAL and OGR plugins (#336,#337)
  • Plugins: Formal inclusion of new plugin for Kismet server (r1127) (#293)
  • Python: Made access to features and featuresets more Pythonic (r1121) (#171,#280,#283)
  • XML: Ensured relative paths in XML are interpreted relative to XML file location (r1124) (#326)
  • XML: Added ability to serialize all default symbolizer values by passing third argument to save_map(m,'file.xml',True)(r1117) (#327)
  • Core: Added support for alpha transparency when writing to png256 (patch from Marcin Rudowski) (#202)
  • SCons: Ensured ABI compatibility information is embedded in libmapnik.dylib on Mac OS X (#322)
  • SCons: Ensured that the full 'install_name' path would be added to libmapnik.dylib on Mac OS X (#374)
  • Tests: Added testing framework in Python using nose (r1101-r1105)
  • Raster Plugin: Added a tile/bbox-based read policy for large (rasters width * height > 1024*1024 will be loaded in chunks) (r1089)
  • OGCServer: Made lxml dependency optional (r1085) (#303)
  • Rasters: Handle rounding to allow better alignment of raster layers (r1079) (#295)
  • AGG Renderer: Added option to control output JPEG quality (r1078) (#198)
  • Plugins: Fixed segfault in OGR Plugin with empty geometries (r1074) (#292)
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