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Mapnik 0.6.0 Release Changelog

For an overview see the 0.6.0 Milestone: milestone:0.6.0

  • Python: Added support for aspect_fix_mode (r1013)
  • Fixed axis-ordering for WMS 1.3.0 request (r1051) (#241)
  • Added option to all plugins to support using a 'base' path argument (r1042)
  • Symbolizers: RasterSymbolizer now support composing modes for hillshading (r1027)
  • SCons: Added options to build the rundemo and pgsql2sqlite tools (r989)
  • OGCServer: Added content-length output (r986)
  • SCons: Replaced LIBS/INCLUDES options for postgres and gdal with pg_config and gdal-config (r977)
  • SCons: Created an optional configure stage (r973)
  • Python: Added further pickling/copy support to Map, Layers, Datasources, Styles,and Rules (r907,r913,r921)
  • OGCServer: Added support for load_map(), allowing reading of XML styles and layers (r901)
  • OGCServer: Enabled friendly html output when in debug mode (debug=1 in ogcserver.conf) (r899)
  • Plugins: Added Sqlite driver for reading sqlite databases (r881)
  • Python: Exposed a number of properties for the Text Symbolizer (r869)
  • Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts multi-line queries (r862)
  • Filter parsing: Allow numbers in the filter field name. This allows for shapefiles with columns like '1970'.
  • Plugins: Added OGR driver for reading all OGR supported formats (kunitoki) (r836) (#170)
  • XML: Added serialization of Fontsets (r807)
  • XML: Added support for reading xml from a string (r806)
  • C++: renamed mapnik::Color to mapnik::color (r796)
  • Python: Made available the scale_denominator property from the map in c++ and python (r794)
  • Python: Added ability to resize map and clear all layers and styles from python (r793)
  • Python: Exposed Proj to/from transformation for projected coordinate systems (r792,r822) (#117)
  • Memory Datasource: Added support for dynamically adding Points to map using Point Datasource (r790)
  • XML: Added xml serialization for abstract, title, minzoom, maxzoom, and queryable attributes (r787)
  • Core: Transformation is now skipped if srs values match exactly (r777)
  • Symbolizers: 'min_distance' now honored for POINT placement using Text Symbolizer (r771)
  • Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts a geometry_field,record_limit, cursor_size options (r769,r872)
  • Python: Added ability to transform as a method on Coord and Envelope objects (r764)
  • Python: Added docstrings to the Layer object (r763)
  • Plugins: Loosened the type checking in Shapefile Plugin dbf reader (r762)
  • Fonts: Added support for Right-to-left Hebrew text (r749)
  • Core: Added a Map buffer parameter - helps to avoid cut labels at tile edges (r744)
  • Symbolizers: Added opacity support to Point Symbolizer (r743)
  • Symbolizers: Added support of using Points with Shield Symbolizer (r741)
  • Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts alternate schemas (r733)
  • Fonts: Added support for fallback fonts (r704)
  • Cairo: Cairo support exposed in Python (r666)
  • Plugins: Added OSM plugin for reading directly from OSM data (r663)
  • Filters: Added support for boolean expressions (r660)
  • Python: Added ability to open Image32 files (r652)
  • Cairo: Cairo rendering support added (r656)
  • Core: Added unicode support based on ICU (r650)
  • Core: Added support for single and multi threaded variants of Mapnik (r632,r634)
  • Plugins: Use memory mapped files for reading shape file (r628)
  • Core: Use streams to write images (i/o refactor) (r628) (#15)