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Symbolizer that specifies rendering of a tiff, png or svg image as a directional marker.

Can be used as an alternative to a PointSymbolizer to give more control over positioning of the image.

Configuration Options

Name Description Default Applies to SVG
allow-overlap Allow the symbolizer to overlap others. false yes
spacing Distance between markers in pixels. 100 yes
max-error Maximum amount the marker can be move from its designated place to avoid collisions. This value is a fraction of "spacing", e.g. spacing = 100, max_error = 0.2 then the maximum the marker can be moved is 20pixels, if this is not enough it isn't drawn at all. 0.2 yes
file The SVG file to use for the marker built-in marker yes
transform SVG transform identity yes
opacity Opacity 1.0 yes
fill Color of the marker fill, e.g. #FFFFFF. blue no
stroke CSS colour - A Color value such as 'green' or #A3D979 black no
stroke-width 0.0 - n - Width of outline in pixels 1.0 no
stroke-opacity 0.0 - 1.0 - 1 is fully opaque while zero is fully transparent and .5 would be 50% transparent 1.0 no
width width of marker pixels 10 no
height height of marker in pixels 10 no
placement "point", "interior", "line", "vertex-first" (mapnik >= 3), "vertex-last" (mapnik >= 3) line (mapnik <=2.0.x) point (mapnik >= 2.1) no (todo)
ignore-placement "true" or "false" "false" no (todo)
marker-type "arrow" "ellipse" "arrow" if line placement, "ellipse" if point placement no

It can be added to a Rule with line features like:

<MarkersSymbolizer />


The MarkersSymbolizer should draw blue directional arrows in the direction of the geometry (for things like one-way streets).

In case you notice arrows pointing the wrong direction, this means that the segment has been coded in the wrong way.

The ST_reverse function of Postgis can fix this (The problem will then be to identify the geometries that need to be updated).

SVG markers

NEW: Starting from r1793 MarkersSymbolizer supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as input images:

    <MarkersSymbolizer spacing="100" file="/Users/artem/Desktop/svg/ladybird.svg" transform="translate(0 -16) scale(2.0)"/>

Dynamic Ellipses

NEW: Starting from r2158 MarkersSymbolizer supports width/height/fill/stroke properties to dynamically draw circles (w == h) or ellipses (w != h) when no SVG file is supplied:

    <MarkersSymbolizer fill="darkorange" opacity=".7" width="20" height="10" stroke="orange" stroke-width="7" stroke-opacity=".2" placement="point" marker-type="ellipse"/>

CAVEAT: these properties do not apply to SVG files, and SVG transforms are not supported for modifying ellipses (yet).

OSM currently renders one-way street arrows with Mapnik using several stacked instances of [LineSymbolizer] with varying dash-arrays, but could potentially use the MarkersSymbolizer in the future:

    <LinePatternSymbolizer file="/home/mapnik/mapnik/symbols/arrow.png" type="png" width="74" height="8" />