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Amazon RDS PostgreSQL

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  • Automated backups snapshot every 5 minutes, can restore to basically any time. Max retention 35 days
  • Micro is on the free usage tier
  • scales 5gb - 3tb
  • multi AZ, primary automatically fails over to secondary -- transparently


  • db parameter groups, can configure via formulas (based on available memory, etc)

  • sets config file if "static" apply type

  • version 9.3.1

  • wizard for creating (or CLI)


  • superuser role + rds_superuser role


  • rds.extensions parameter (lists all available extensions -- not just PostGIS)


  • Good experience
  • If you're already using PostgreSQL, easy to switch
  • Lots of stuff becomes easy (read replicas, backups, etc)


  • pgdump
  • logs available via API, including slow query
  • moving legacy data (Moody's guy said flat files)

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