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build a culture of quality

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Presenter: Bryan Helmkamp


  • Code Climate

Memorable Quotes

  • Hope is not a plan
  • First, do no harm
  • Why code review? You Can't Edit Your Own Writing


  • Presenting Problems: initial symptom motivating the patient to consult an expert.


  • Slow progress
  • Bug
  • Whack a mole
  • Viscous Cycle: Pressure -> Slop -> Late -> Pressure -> Slop ...

Opposing Forces

Quality agenda

  • Qualitative data:

    • one-on-ones: two sided converstaion happens naturally in business
    • Retrospectives: take turns to lead retrospective
  • Quantitative data:

    • Process time
    • Software metrics

Growing quality

  • Boy Scout Rule: leave the camp cleaner than you founded
  • Refactoring as you go: the goal as the developer is to make refactoring process invisible,
  • Leveling up: create style guides 1) write down agreed upon style 2) Ruthless adherence 3) Out-of-band litigation process
  • Problem: Not Enough Refactoring Experience
    • Lunch and Learn: watch a recroded talk / invite a speaker to talk about / discuss an article
    • Teamfactoring: spend an hour, pick a piece of code that I know that has a problem, put it on a projector and refactor it together as a team. If it's not ready to ship, toss it.
  • Problem: Finding Problems Too Late.
    • Early warning systems: building failures
    • Bugs and quality issues
    • Security vulnerabilities
  • Problem: Missing High Level Design
    • Whiteboarding
    • Code Reviews: reframing languages "Github Pull Request"
    • Review cafeteria: 1) Formatting 2) Correctness 3) Scalability 4) Security 5) Comprehension

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