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Stories showcasing the projects and people building on GitHub to solve the world’s most intractable problems.

Featured Article

Coding accessibility: How Della found her voice with open source AAC

When proprietary apps failed, Della’s brother built an app that incorporated her needs and feedback into the design.

Highlighting the global impact of the open source community

The far-reaching impact of open source and its interconnected community touches every corner of the globe. These feature stories highlight the people and projects that power this important work and drive humanity forward.

Featured Article

Coding accessibility: Building autonomy with AI

After bringing Braille to the digital world and creating the first screen reader for the web, Dr. Asakawa is now working on an AI-enabled suitcase to help blind people navigate the world independently.

Featured Article

Is Laravel the happiest developer community on the planet?

How the PHP framework maintains a perpetual honeymoon period.

Featured Article

TypeScript and the dawn of gradual types

Why choose between static or dynamic when you can get the best of both?

Featured Article

Non-code contributions are the secret to open source success

From documentation to release management, non-code contributions power open source. Here’s how to get started.

Featured Article

How ‘open’ should your open source be?

Boundaries aren't always intuitive for maintainers, but limiting contributions can be their healthiest option.

Featured Article

Coding accessibility: Disability as catalyst for creativity

Faced with accessibility barriers, developer Paul Chiou turns obstacles into innovative solutions.

Featured Article

Open source is fueling the future of nuclear physics

This once secretive scientific field is embracing openness in a big way.

Featured Article

From gaming with your eyes to coding with AI: New frontiers for accessibility

With open source, developers with disabilities can contribute, collaborate, and participate like never before.


Featured Article

The modern web’s underrated powerhouse

It’s one of the most important yet under-appreciated building blocks of the internet.

Featured Article

What’s in a name? Moving GitOps beyond buzzword

An open source effort to define GitOps might save it from becoming just another buzzword.

Featured Article

What we can learn from vintage computing

Thanks to open source, nothing is ever obsolete.

Featured Article

Marie Kondo your software stack with open source

Mindfully consider each choice—and remember that simple is not necessarily easy

Featured Article

Open source is democratizing video game development

The evolution and future of open source games and game development.

Featured Article

Building the future of the command line

Open source developers are making the command line more friendly—and more powerful.

Featured Article

Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ

Far from dead, the perpetually-popular language is up to speed and ready for the future.

Featured Article

Functional programming is finally going mainstream

Object-oriented and imperative programming aren’t going away, but functional programming is finding its way into more codebases.

Featured Article

Move over JavaScript: Back-end languages are coming to the front-end

A new crop of server-side tools is making it possible to build web UIs without JavaScript.

Featured Article

Astronomy community shapes their own destiny with Astropy

Astronomy is a software based field, and the community is building their own open source tools.

Featured Article

The secrets to onboarding new open source contributors

Mentorship and documentation are the keys to making open source a better place for everyone.

Featured Article

Open Source is enabling the "Tech for Good" movement

There’s a growing global movement applying cutting edge open source projects to humanity’s thorniest problems.

Featured Article

How Rust developers are making the web safer

The Rust programming language makes it easier to build safer software. What will it take to Rust All the Things?

Featured Article

How open source software powers modern filmmaking

From editing to animation, open source is part of how movies get made.

Featured Article

Glia uses open source and 3D printing to enable universal access to medical equipment

From conflict zones to COVID-19 shortages, Glia is bringing medical equipment to those who need it most.

Featured Article

How open source maintainers keep contributors—and themselves—happy

It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about contributor relations.

Featured Article

You use more open source software than you think

It’s time to stop taking open source infrastructure for granted.

Featured Article

How Global Forest Watch uses open source to fight deforestation

Global Forest Watch uses open source to turn satellite imagery into actionable insight to save forests.

Featured Article

How Python is building a welcoming community for women

The Python community is setting an example other open source communities can follow.

Featured Article

How open source maintainers can maintain balance in turbulent times

Open source maintainers are working harder than ever. Here’s how to maintain your passion during trying times.

Featured Article

How the open source community came together to fight COVID-19

As the pandemic raged, open source developers sprang into action to leverage data for the greater good.

Featured Article

How InfoSec pros keep open source safe—and how you can help

Security pros talk about what keeps them up at night—and what they’re doing about it.

Featured Article

Black voices bring much needed context to our data-driven society

Black communities are working together to democratize data and make the field more inclusive.

Featured Article

Veterans mobilize to help each other break into tech

Veterans face significant barriers to getting into tech. So they’re tapping their greatest resource: each other.

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