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🍀 Go basic library. || Go语言基础库。包含日志,内存池,断言,string,字节切片,一致性哈希,版本信息,大小端,原子操作,json,协程池,整型数组压缩,限速器,带宽计算,网络连接对象,文件批处理,对象唯一ID,分布式ID,md5,mock,stub等内容。

  • Updated Feb 13, 2020
  • Go

Force DWM to be disabled (and vsync) in Windows 10. This will cause non-Aero themes to be displayed and a lot of Modern UI features to stop working. Got tired of dealing with UAC prompts if I wanted to quickly disable it, so I made this. PsTools from Microsoft's Sysinternals is required. Does NOT work in newer Windows versions.

  • Updated Feb 18, 2020
  • Batchfile

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