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lonnblad commented Jan 18, 2021

Please answer these questions before submitting a bug report.

What version of godog are you using?

> godog -version
Godog version is: v0.11.0

What version of Go are you using?

> go version
go version go1.15.6 darwin/amd64

What did you do?

  • Add a step to a feature file including a DocString which has no registered step definition.
  • Execute: `godog ru
leshow commented Feb 21, 2021
❯ flame -p 9953 -Q 10   
flaming target "" ( on port 9953 with 10 concurrent generators, each sending 10 queries every 1ms on protocol udp

"10 concurrent generators, each sending 10 queries every 1ms on protocol udp" is not accurate if flamethrower is only sending 10 queries per second, 10 generators * 10 queries/ms is 100,000 QPS. Unless I'm missing something

lukaszfiszer commented May 21, 2021

The current mock mechanism is "strict" regarding trailing slashes:

mockiavelli.mockGET('/example', {status: 200})
// GET /example/ => 404

This behaviour should be at least configurable to allow ignoring trailing slashes:

const mockiavelli = await Mockiavelli.setup(page, {ignoreTrailingSlashes: true});
mockiavelli.mockGET('/example', {status: 200})
// GET /example/ => 200

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