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Write Selenium and Appium tests in Python using the Page Object pattern. This Pythonic GUI and API test automation framework will help you get started with QA automation quickly. It comes with many useful integrations like - email, BrowserStack, Slack, TestRail, etc. This repository is developed and maintained by Qxf2 Services (

Star Python Updated Aug 22, 2019

BeAPI Framework is an 'Enterprise Ready' API Automation Framework. It implements the NEW API Pattern ( ) allowing for abstraction of the communication layer from the business logic layer thus improving scalability, speed and synchronization of I/O state in distributed systems as well as the ability to AUTOMATE ALL API CALLS AND PROCESSES.

Star Groovy Updated Aug 23, 2019

Automation report是一款可以解决很多行业领域中设涉及到报告生成的需求,本项目最开始的初衷是为公司内部简化人工流程的一个环节,主要实现目的是将实验室检测得出的下机数据结果与对应的报告模版批量结合生成报告(.pdf)。

Star HTML Updated Aug 16, 2019
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