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whynowy commented Nov 12, 2021

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Each event received/emitted from event sources already has an event ID attached, so that it can be used in Sensor to achieve uniqueness, this ID is currently generated automatically. For some of the event sources like Kafka, we can extend the feature to generate a unique ID based on the original message, so that even there's a dup


A Powerful Penetration Tool For Automating Penetration Tasks Such As Local Privilege Escalation, Enumeration, Exfiltration and More... Use Or Build Automation Modules To Speed Up Your Cyber Security Life

  • Updated Oct 16, 2021
  • Python

Write Selenium and Appium tests in Python using the Page Object pattern. This Pythonic GUI and API test automation framework will help you get started with QA automation quickly. It comes with many useful integrations like - email, BrowserStack, Slack, TestRail, etc. This repository is developed and maintained by Qxf2 Services (

  • Updated Aug 11, 2021
  • Python

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