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gf3 commented Jan 7, 2022

i'm attempting to write a health check for a service that uses watermill and i'd like to be able to easily determine if the router is still up and running

Router exposes a channel at .Running(), and it's possible to infer if the router is closed with a little indirection:

running := false
go func() {
  r := router.Running()

  for {
    if _, open := <-r; open {
OKTAYKIR commented May 15, 2020

@suadev, I get the following error after running the application:

12:17:48:558 [Debug]: Execution of command 'ExampleCommand' with ID 'command-a478d189-d908-4bb9-918f-c7507b1eb9ee' on aggregate 'EventFlowExample.Aggregates.ExampleAggregate' failed due to exception 'TypeInitializationException' with message: The type initializer for 'MongoDB.Bson.Serialization.BsonClassMap' threw an except

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