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  • Updated Sep 7, 2023
  • Java

☀️ Nepxion Discovery is a solution for Spring Cloud with blue green, gray, route, limitation, circuit breaker, degrade, isolation, tracing, dye, failover, active 蓝绿灰度发布、路由、限流、熔断、降级、隔离、追踪、流量染色、故障转移、多活

  • Updated Nov 23, 2023
  • Java

Demo for Spring Boot 3(`master` branch)/2(other branches) and Spring Cloud microservices with distributed configuration (Spring Cloud Config), service discovery (Eureka), API gateway (Spring Cloud Gateway, Zuul), Swagger/OpenAPI documentation (Springdoc), logs correlation using Spring Cloud Sleuth/Micrometer OTEL and many more

  • Updated Dec 3, 2023
  • Java

Dante Cloud is an enterprise level Microservices architecture and service capability development platform. It is a multi tenant Microservices solution that adopts the domain driven model (DDD) design idea, fully embraces Spring Authorization Server, is based on OAuth2.1 protocol, and supports the authentication of Smart TV, IoT and other IoT device

  • Updated Dec 5, 2023
  • Java

🔥 🎉newbee-mall-cloud 项目是新蜂商城 newbee-mall 项目的微服务版本,一款基于 Spring Cloud Alibaba + Nacos + Sentinel + Seata + Spring Cloud Gateway + OpenFeign 等技术的大型微服务实战项目。

  • Updated Oct 25, 2023
  • Java

springcloud学习的相关工程并辅以博文讲解。主要介绍Eureka(服务注册发现)、Feign (服务消费)、Ribbon(负载均衡)、Hystrix(熔断器)、Dashboard(熔断器监控)、Config(分布式配置中心)、Zuul(路由网关)等等相关内容。

  • Updated Nov 14, 2019
  • Java

smaker cloud是国内首个基于Spring Cloud、spring cloud alibaba微服务化快速开发脚手架,具有统一授权、认证后台管理系统,其中包含具备用户管理、资源权限管理、网关API管理等多个模块,支持多业务系统并行开发,可以作为后端服务的开发脚手架。代码简洁,架构清晰,适合学习和直接项目中使用。核心技术采用Spring Boot2以及Spring Cloud Gateway、nacos、spring secruity Oauth2相关核心组件,前端采用vue-element-admin组件

  • Updated May 10, 2019
  • Java

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