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Open positions

We don't have formal positions, but it's usually very beneficial to have someone driving the development in a certain area. Some very important fields are described on our homepage.

Getting Started

Before getting started with working on Unknown Horizons you probably want to get a short overview of the code.

We wrote an 'in-code tutorial' to allow for an easier start with coding on Unknown Horizons. (Warning: It's partly outdated by now, please just ask in the irc channel in case you get stuck or anything.)

You'll find the beginning of the tutorial in the main Unknown Horizons file in the main folder run_uh.py. Starting there, just follow the instruction comments.

Starter tickets

Many projects maintain lists of "easy tasks" as suitable for starters. We do the same and tag some of our issues with D-starter. What does that mean for you?

Some of them might be rather self-contained, thus not requiring much knowledge of other UH code. Others might be small tweaks we intentionally don't do ourselves so that aspiring contributors can learn the ropes. And even others may turn out wolves in sheep's clothing where we mistakenly believed they're good for starters but actually there is some gotcha you will run into. If that happens, do ask us for help in the comments or on IRC!


Unknown Horizons offers an Epydoc code API for developers. Browse it at http://epydoc.unknown-horizons.org/

Pull requests

All patching you do should at some point get merged into our master branch, right? To achieve this, you best fork our repository at github, do your modifications in there and afterwards open a pull request. This procedure will require you to have an account set up at github, but that's necessary to grant you push access anyways ;) Check out our Github How-to if you are unsure about this account!


Information on tests can be found on its own page: Tests

Further Questions

If you have any further questions (which you will have), join us on IRC and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. #unknown-horizons at irc.freenode.net or use the IRC web interface.

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