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3.8.3 Deprecations and breaking changes

Julien Viet edited this page Oct 19, 2019 · 4 revisions

Vert.x Core

Server WebSocket asynchronous handshake

Server WebSocket setHandshake(Promise<Integer>) was actually a design issue and it has been replaced by setHandshake(Future<Integer>, Handler<AsyncResult<Integer>>).

Removal of unmodifiable completed promises

Promise has been introduced in Vert.x 3.8 and as mirror of the Future API we added succeededPromise(Object), failedPromise(Throwable) methods. In fact such creation of Promise has no practical use case because any API consuming a Promise shall mutate it and there is no point mutating a Promise already completed. It is safer to just remove these methods rather than deprecating them and removing them in Vert.x 4.

Vert.x SQL Client

MySQL Client

useAffectedRows has been supported and it can be used to enable/disable the CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS flag when connecting to the server. CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS is enabled by default now so the SqlResult#rowCount method returns the found rows instead of affected rows for DML queries by default in MySQL.

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