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3.2.0 Breaking changes

Clement Escoffier edited this page Dec 11, 2015 · 10 revisions
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This page lists breaking changes introduced in the 3.2.0 version of the vert.x stack breaking compatibility. Only the public API changes are listed.


  • io.vertx.core.cli.impl.DefaultCommandLine#getRawValues(Option) has been replaced by io.vertx.core.cli.impl.DefaultCommandLine.getRawValuesForOption(Option) (codegen compatibility)
  • io.vertx.core.spi.metrics.EventBusMetrics#handlerRegistered(java.lang.String,boolean) has been replaced by handlerRegistered(String address, String repliedAddress)`
  • io.vertx.core.spi.metrics.TCPMetrics#connected( has been replaced by connected(SocketAddress remoteAddress, String remoteName). This change also impacts sub-classes.
  • The EventBus.close method is not polyglot anymore, so it cannot be used from Groovy, RX, Ruby, JavaScript and Ceylon. This method should not be used by the end user anyway.


  • AMD client module name rename to match file name - vertx3bus => vertx-eventbus


  • JWTOptions has been modified: setExpiresInMinutes, setExpiresInSeconds takes Long parameters. toJSON has been removed. getAudience returns a List instead of a JsonArray

Redis client

  • getBinary/setBinary now take a Buffer as value instead of String
  • RedisOptions.setSelect takes an Integer instead of an int

Mongo client

  • The default authSource is now set to the db_name instead of admin.

Maven Service Factory

  • The configuration of the MavenServiceFactory now relies on a ResolverOptions object (instead of direct access).