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3.7.0 Deprecations and breaking changes

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Vert.x Core

Vert.x Cassandra Client

  • Breaking
    • Redesign client lifecycle: this enhancement breaks the previous tech preview API; CassandraClient no longer has connect and disconnect methods; instead, client is connected on first request; if created inside a verticle the client is closed automatically; otherwise, it should be closed manually with close

Vert.x Kafka Client

  • Deprecation
    • The AdminUtils class, for doing administrative operations on a Kafka cluster, is now deprecated. The new KafkaAdminClient class should be used for that.

Vert.x Mongo Client

  • Breaking RxJava and RxJava 2 changes that return Maybe instead of Single
    • save
    • saveWithOptions
    • insert
    • insertWithOptions
    • findOne
    • findOneAndUpdate
    • findOneAndUpdateWithOptions
    • findOneAndReplace
    • findOneAndReplaceWithOptions
    • findOneAndDelete
    • findOneAndDeleteWithOptions

Vert.x Web


The UserSessionHandler is now deprecated, indeed this feature is now merged in the SessionHandler itself.

The following:


should be replaced by


Vert.x Web API Contract

  • Breaking
    • The default option for "automatic mount validation failure handler" now is false
    • Now the router is configured to correctly fail with 405 Method Not Allowed more than always failing with 501 Not Implemented when you have a path that has multiple HTTP methods, which some are configured and some are not configured.
  • Deprecation
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