History of APE Project

Louis Charette edited this page Apr 19, 2014 · 1 revision

The development of APE started in early 2006 with the democratization of the AJAX technology. The project was at this time named "ACE" (Ajax Chat Engine) and was only destined to do real-time AJAX Chat. The idea started in the head of one of our developper, the first aim was to build a server that was able to push back the limits of the web browsers while keeping constant connexion to a client with AJAX requests to do chatting without external plugin (Flash, Java...)

When the developpers of the ACE Project decided to create their own company, the project evolved with some new features, and they decided to not constrain to a chat engine, but more to a "push" engine. Thus, the users will be able to push any kind of data, in real-time to a web browser.

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