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Welcome to the FujiNet wiki!

This is the starting page for all things FujiNet documentation. Join the Discord!

Main User Guide

Main HardwareMain Software

Main VirtualizationMain Miscellaneous

Want to find out more? Here are two important documents:

  1. What is FujiNet?
  2. The Definition of Done

Once you have read those continue and set up a development environment (for all supported platforms you follow the same setup) and dive down into a specific platforms that FujiNet supports. There is ongoing work in more platforms than you see here! That work is often discussed in the Discord server. If there is something you see that is missing you can add it.


Already know your way around? You may be interested in the new Dev News page. So much is going on in the wiki that from time to time something amazing will be popped into this doc to help people keep up with what is going on in Discord....

Quickstart Guides

General User Documentation

Developer Setup Documentation

Now that development has become more mature it's essential that everyone works together with the source. To further that some basic, simple, and common-sense guidelines have been created. Please read these first before committing your code to the project!

Common Hardware and Software Guides for Dev


The FujiNet-PC project provides a complete FujiNet device that runs in POSIX compatible systems. You do not need any FujiNet hardware to run this. It work on Macintosh, Linux and Windows systems. This has allowed other platform virtualization to use this device and create complete FujiNet enabled environments with out requiring any hardware (other than the system to run the visualizations).

There are two currently:



Hardware information is available on the Official Hardware Versions page (ports, button functions, etc). Details on previous versions are available on the Prototype Board Revisions page.


You can buy a retail FujiNet from the links maintained on the Purchase Page

Info For Testers

Atari 8bit System Guides

Atari Programming Info

The current device ID for #FujiNet is $70. These commands affect operation of the network adapter, and are used for various functions ranging from connecting TCP sockets, to altering wireless network parameters.

Useful External Documentation

Links to external documents/sites that are related to #FujiNet development.

Useful External Documentation

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