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Config 2.0 Verify ATR Disk Booting

Thomas Cherryhomes edited this page Aug 13, 2020 · 1 revision

For this test, you will need

  • Atari Computer
  • FujiNet
  • Previous Config 2.0 tests done.


  1. Reset FujiNet
  2. Power on Atari, wait for CONFIG
  3. Wait for Network.
  4. Wait for Hosts/Devices
  5. Select ATARI-APPS.IRATA.ONLINE host slot.
  6. Select Games/
  7. Select Jumpman.atr
  8. Select device slot 1
  9. Press RETURN To mount R/O
  10. At Hosts/Devices screen, verify that Slot 1, is R, and contains /Games/Jumpman.atr
  11. Press and hold OPTION. Verify that you see MOUNT AND BOOT, and that Atari reboots.
  12. Verify that you see Jumpman Please Wait.
  13. Verify that Jumpman loads.
  14. Power off.

Expected Result

  • CONFIG should allow Jumpman.atr to be mounted and booted.
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